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Thread: How to protect my PC in local network

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    flashmxfreak Guest

    Default How to protect my PC in local network

    I use ZA on my PC in home local network, where are connected e.g. 15 PCs.
    I heard, that exist some SW which can access your PC even if You have no virus and have you Firewall installed.

    How can I explore if somebody want access my PC.
    I heard, that with this SW can hacker see what internet sites I look, what emails I downloaded, my IM chat and so on.

    Thank you for explanation.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    Hi flashmxfreak
    That is more likely to happen if you are in a wireless network.You are never 100% secure, but there are things you can do to minimize risks.Use a good firewall (ZA for meis the best), use a good antivirus and a good anti trojan as anti virus deal badly with trojans , use some of the most commons anti spyware programs with one at least with real time monitoring and I would also recommend a good port to process maper. There are also programs that allow you to see what is running inside your pc,processes,services and drivers with information about everyone. But and there are always a but and I think it was the main reason of your question we are already dealing with malware that all that arsenal doesn't catch, I mean malware that may intall at kernel level like rootkits.There you are speaking at system level.
    In my two computers I use Process Guard from which I consider to be so far the best defence for this type of malware.Just one word to say that yourself you play a very important role in this, as above all common sense it's the best security.
    Best regards

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    flashmxfreak Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    Thank you for your reply.
    I use LAN, also not wireless connection.
    I use ZA as firewall (free version), NOD 32 as AV SW.
    I use Anti-Spyware from Lavasoft (free version)

    Q. Is the free version of enough or need I buy the full version?

    Thank you
    best regards

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    Hi flashmxfreak
    You're welcome.The total protection of PG is only getted with the paid version. However this is a program for average advanced users, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to start with the free version until you familiarize with the process and then if you like it upgrade for the paid version. I think that in fact they recommend that at their forum.
    Best regards
    PS: I suggest as antispyware, you could get for free spyBot S&D, spywareblaster from javacools and Microsoft antispyware beta. As real time monitoring you could use MS antispyware beta or enable tea timer in Spybot S&D
    Best regards

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    flashmxfreak Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    Thank you again for all recommendation
    I know spyBot S&D, I have it on my second PC.


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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    You're welcome
    Best regards

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    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    Are you talking about a Windows peer-to-peer networking using Windows shares or a TCP/IP network?

    Windows networking doesn't use TCP/IP and Zone Alarm does not protect you against access. Zone Alarm ONLY protects traffic on TCP/IP networks.

    Indeed, anyone with Administrator rights on a machine running a version of Windows Server (eg Windows Server 2000) has complete uncontrolled access to all files on any PC on that network irrespective of what file access permissions have been set. This is how system administrators remotely install, update and remove software, and generally manage the security of the network (eg antivirus policies). Importantly, there is NO WAY to prevent remote access except by 1. turning off your machine or 2. removing the network cable from the wall socket. Note however, Admins donot have access to mounted network drives on network servers.

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    spm Guest

    Default Re: How to protect my PC in local network

    For anti-spyware, I like Webroot SpySweeper. Latest version is 4.5 and includes rootkit analysis. It didn't cost that much at Best Buy and has found the most things out of all the different products I have run on my machine. And what I liked the most was the detail of info returned about the known spyware and suspicious files it found.I learned the hard way not to have shield protection turned on for IE in SpySweeper while loading the Google Toolbar. Duh ... locked up and not even Task Manager could untangle that fist fight. I rebooted, turned off the shield, installed, turned back on the shield ... SpySweeper dutifully reported the BHO addition and I told it to keep it, so all is well. (And yes, I know about the Desktop Search problem but it is not installed/activated on my machine ... I did not enable the advanced features.)I know it costs a bunch of money to buy software, especially if you have lots of machines to cover ... I have used free stuff many times. But I think SpySweeper is worth the 40 bucks or so ... just my 2 cents ... spm

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