Hi, I've been thinking about this however i'm still confused, basically my old setup was like this:
1 PC with 2 nics, one connected to broadband (cable modem) and the other connected it to a switch, I then used winXP ICS to share my net access and I had configured zonealarm so that the internet was in the internet zone and the other nic was in the trusted zone, used this setup for about 2 years and was happy with it, however a friend of mine decided he wanted to upgrade to wireless and hence gave me his old wired router for free, its a linksys BEFSR41 if that helps.

Well now my current setup is:
Linksys router with uplink port connected to a switch, basically broadband connects into teh router and router connects to switch, and ofcourse switch has all (3 clients) client pcs.

Well the problem is that before I felt pretty secure as I knew zonealarm was protecting me from the internet, well now all my PCS have an address of 192.168.1.X and are added to the trusted zone, well I feel as if zonealarm is not protecting me from the net and only the router is doing that (and i'm worried about how effective the router is).

I mean with zonealarm I Can keep it updated, with the router updates are rare, I did go to shields up and all ports were stealthed so no issues there.

Sorry for the long post but basically what I'm trying to say is should I go back to my old setup, and which setup is more secure?, I dont mind having one pc on 24/7 as its a TV and file server too so most of the time it is on 24/7.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

- Mark

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0