Greetings, I recently experienced a major security issue, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite Didn't do it's job, I guess. I play a lot of online gaming, and one afternoon my machine experienced severe lag, this itself is not uncommon. but it generally gets better or i log out, and log in, or clean cash, and all is better. I ended up rebooting my machine along with the standard routine, I had to reset it ( the big blue button), lol.. restart took for ever, finally, at my desktop, I ran the spy-ware utility (zone alarm), NOTHING.. I ran pest patrol, and then spy-bot S&D, Still NOTHING. I took that as "All systems are go" and tried to log back on to my game, I have a cable internet connection, so things load fast, but not that day, I couldn't even get to the website. the system froze up, and a bit later windows security pops up with a window proclaiming something about Mozilla 4.0 and IE compatibility, and my computer just sent 17MB to somewhere, then it went on to say computer controlled established ( i have saved the page and can send it as an attachment upon request). my machine was locked up tight. i unplugged my internet cable, and had to push the reset button again. that's where i discovered winres32.exe. I rebooted, and looked through my system for this file. using my wife's computer, i Google it, and found removal procedure from trend micros house call site. running my arsenal of spy-ware/malware tools to find nothing, but trend micro took me to it. cool i thought. I followed the instructions and tried internet access again. the same thing happened again, and the second time i could not find the winres32.exe file, nowhere.. upon closer investigation, i found my windows security settings were all changed, everything was set to allow or be server and such. i went to zone alarm log viewer, my firewall logs were gone, I NEVER CLEAR THESE,, never. and zone-alarm settings are generally default settings, I don't know enuf about it to play around too much, but a good friend of mine is well schooled on this sort of thing, I called him, he came over and looked at my system and told me I had been hacked, and went on with a bunch of tech stuff that honestly went in one ear and out the other. He then informed me I should let him reload windows. The next day I have my computer back, Here I am. Wondering what the heck happened and why zone-alarm seems to have let me down, and what do I need to do to prevent this from happening again. I will answer all I can for you, if you can explain . Thanx

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0