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    charnes Guest

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    Hi, I've just discovered ID Lock and am not totally sure how it works. I've entered my SSN into myVAULT, checked "E-mail" in the "Protect this information when using" checkbox, and then set my ID Lock to MEDIUM. Does this mean ZAP will now scan the entire body of every email message I send out, and look for my SSN anywhere in the text, and if it sees it then alert me and ask me if I want to send it out?

    Does this scanning of the email msg slow down emailing a bit?

    Thanks much.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi charnes
    All the information you enter in my Vault and if you use the default will be encrypted. You may have noticed that when you entered the information you are asked to enter a small description.So, whenever any information that is in myVault tries to be sended ZA immediately pop's up alerting you that (the descripitive name you used for a certain type of information)is to be sended out and it's blocked. Just to give you an example suppose you enter your email and in the descriptive field you entered 'Electronic Mail'. If try to send an email a pop up appears saying Electronic Mail is attempted to be sent.
    This doesn't slow your system,problem is sometimes if you really want to send something it may happen that you need to mannually put the slider down and after put it again in medium.But it's a nice way to kep some information controlled.
    Best regards

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    billc Guest

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    If I may add to what Ad-Hock said, the answer to your question is Yes. It will scan the entirety of your outgoing mail looking for your SS number. In fact, it will even give you an alert if only part of the number string is being sent.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock

    Hi Bill
    Thanks for helping in the thread.
    All the best,kind regards

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    charnes Guest

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    Hi, I just added my credit card to myVAULT with both 'Web' and 'email' checked. ID Lock is set to Medium.

    I purchased something on a web site via credit card; I entered my card number and clicked the 'Process this Order' button. Nothing special happened -- ZAP didn't give me any message, no warning, no prompt, nothing. The site processed my order with no problem, but ZAP wasn't invoked at all. I haven't entered any sites into the 'Trusted Sites' tab; all that's there is the default 'eBay & PayPal'.

    When I sent a different item in myVAULT via email, ZAP *did* get invoked.

    Any thoughts here?

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    billc Guest

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    When you are on a secure site (HTTPS) your data is encrypted and will not trigger a ID Lock alert. These alerts are only triggered when something is leaving your computer in plain text. The behavior you've seen is normal.

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