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Thread: ID Lock Not Working

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    rschoner Guest

    Default ID Lock Not Working

    Hi,I am using a newly purchased copy of Zone Alarm Security Suite, updated to the latest version (6.1xxx), Windows XP Home, Outlook Express.I have three items in my vault. Two passwords and a credit card number. I know the Lock works on E-Mail. I tried sending the items to myself. When I did, I got a pop up warning and when I got the e-mails the info was starred. However, when I logon to certain sites that require the locked passwords I get no warning and the login proceeds as if nothing is being blocked. The sites are in my Trusted Sites, but the Access and Password columns are ? for "ASK". I just ordered something on line and used my credit card number. Again, no warning and the transaction went through. This site is not in My Trusted Sites.Am I missing something or is this feature not working?Thanks,Bob Schoner

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    Hey Bob. The behavior you are seeing is normal. Whenever you are on a 'secure' site (one with https in the address bar) the information leaving your computer is encrypted and thus will not generate an ID Lock alert. It is only when something is being sent in plain text that you will get an alert.

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    spm Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    I try not to post a message that just says "Thanks" very often but ... Thanks, Bill. That was good info to know. And a blanket thank you to all for the good info you post for us here ... knowledge is the cure for ignoramushood. I hate posting something that turns out to be really dumb but that is how we learn ... thanks to all of you who spend time in here answering questions and holding hands ...spm

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    You are indeed welcome. Funny, but I had the same question when the ID Lock first came out and I believe it was BritneyLuvr that pointed this out to me. I too suffer from ignoramushood from time to time.

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    rschoner Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    Bill,Thanks a lot for that reply. I would never have figured that out. I think ZA could do a lot of improving to their Help files. I have a few other different issues but to keep order I think I should ask them in their own threads and areas. Watch out for me. :-)Bob Schoner

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    rschoner Guest

    Default I don't think so

    Hi Again,I kept trying to test it. So, I created a test PIN (******) let's see if it posts. OK That works. I got a warning on my preview and I denied it.I then used it on a site that does not use a secure server for login (no https://), No warning, and I sailed right in.Any comments??Thanks, Bob Schoner

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    rschoner Guest

    Default Hmmmmm, it works here

    I just tried it on this forum. I changed my password to the test PIN, logged off, logged back on and it warned me when I tried to log on. Strange that it worked here and not at MajorGeeks. I also tried MyYahoo but that has a secure server.Bob Schoner

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    oneder Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    Have noticed over at Audit My PC that they can retrieve my internal IP.If I set ZA to block my IP they can still retrieve it.If I empty temp inet files,history and cookies and then revisit Audit with ZA ID lock on they are unable to see my internal IP.Not that it's any probs,just an observation.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: ID Lock Not Working

    The behavior you are seeing is normal. Zone Alarm will not hide your IP.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Hmmmmm, it works here

    If you did not reboot Zone Alarm after entering a new item into your ID Lock, I've observed that it may not recognize the new entry. Try Major Geeks again only shutdown then open ZA before you do.

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