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Thread: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

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    johnwrites Guest

    Default Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    Security Issues ZA Pro 6

    Generic Host Process for Win32 Sevices and other System programs want server rights in TRUSTED Zone in ZA Pro 6 .If I try to change I get a warning from ZA that changing could cause problems I did change Generic Host Process for Win32 Sevices from green check mark to red x no problem so far. The others have the blue question mark so at least I will be asked

    Anti Virus Monitoriing has no advanced tab and this is referred to in the help section

    Also I get an alert that Norton AV has tried to make alteration to SVCHOST or similar message I cannot recall detail but I blocked it

    Sorry if I posted twice. I am having problems today

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    Hi johnwrites
    There is nothing wrong about Generic Host Processes for win32 having server rights but only in the trusted zone. this is the correct setting three green ticks under access trusted and internet and server trusted and a red cross under server internet. With this settings it will only listen in trusted zone and do not open ports in internet zone. About other system programs asking for server internet you did well deny and see how the program behaves.I don't recall a system program that in normal conditions needs server internet rights.AV monitoring is awaste of resources, disable it. A user should know if his secure programs are updated. I would never allow a program to do that job for me (not speaking that if you have sp2 you already have windows security center monitoring your antivirus).The last episode you refer may happen sometimes programs use other's components but I don't know what was the message.I suggest for you to stay more relaxed,do the following. Go to and download ewido security suite. It has 14 days trial with full features and after that you keep it for free as on demand scanner (you loose the real time monitoring). Download update and do a scan as it is one of the best anti trojans along trojan hunter, and also picks up a lot of other malware spybots, tracking cookies and so on.If you are not behind a router or modem with NAT (Network Address Translation)go to and run the shields up test to insure your firewall is stealthing your ports.
    Good luck and do what is suggested and you'll see you are clean.
    Best regards

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    johnwrites Guest

    Default Re: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    Thanks everyone foryour replies.

    I have scanned with ewido and am clean and and ran the grc test and am in stealth mode. However since posting I got the following DANGEROUS BEHAVIOUR alerts

    Offline I got NTVDM.EXE is trying to monitor your mouse movements and keyboard strokes

    On connection to internet I got Common Client User Session is trying to communicate with C:\ WINDOWS System 32\svchost.exe -knetsvcs by opening its process.I denied as I am not sure what this means

    I guess with the ZA free all this was happening and I did not know. Thanks again for helpful replies

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    Hi johnwrites
    You're very welcome
    There is nothing worriyng in those alerts. See this thread
    About NTVDM.EXE read this explanation from Guru Jarvis

    The other alert you talk is about a important and legytm windows process Common Client User Session communicating with network services of svchost.exe. I agree that all this alerts sometimes seams worrying but they are not and they appear as a consequence of the OS firewall that monitors at kernel level,that is system level. With time and reading the help file you'll learn to deal with such alerts that are new in relation to other previous versions of ZA.I just putted the links for those threads for you to see what others are getting too.With the tests you did everything should be OK.Just repeat them at least one time for week
    Best regards

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    johnwrites Guest

    Default Re: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    Ad-HockThank you for the reply and links. Good wishes to all at Zone Labs Forum

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Security Issues in ZA PRO 6

    You're very welcome and I'm sure that everybody in the Forum will deeply appreciate your good wishes.
    Good luck and my best regards

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