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Thread: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

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    phoosh Guest

    Default What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I hope this is posted in the correct forum. I currently use Zone Alarm freeZoneAlarm version:6.1.737.000
    TrueVector version:6.1.737.000
    Driver version:6.1.737.000)I'm not new to the net, but in the past few days, some really weird things been happening in the past few days. For instance, the ZA-free has blocked about 2600 access attempts, about 120 of them high. Ok, I did read in the forums that as long as their blocked, everything is fine. What worries me is that, up until 2 days ago, there were only 27 blocked access attempts. I've looked at the IP's and most of them are different. I know how to set up the program controls and nothing has really changed, that's the funny thing. The Westell modem red lite keeps going on (stays steady red for a bit, then goes off.) I am still connected to the internet when the light is red. I tried reinstalling the dsl software, that workd for a while, but then I was unable to connect to the internet at all. I hit start, connect to, show all connections, there was only a LAN connection that had limited or no connectivity, so I added another connection, right clicked on it and connected. That was the only way I could connect to the internet. I've scanned for everything(antivirus, spyware, etc...and nothing came up, but I still get the feeling that my computer is not alone:0, there is something covert happening and I don't know how to fix it. I don't know if ZA has something to do with it all or not. Oh yeah, I turned my computer off last nite like always, along with the modem and monitor. This morning my computer was powered on before I turned it on. Any help or advice? Thanks much

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    muffincharizard Guest

    Default Re: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    You mean to say the computer turned itself on overnight?

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    Default Re: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    This is not as silly as it might seem. ATX motherborads are never 'off' unless the power is disconnected. Because they are always alive, they can be powered up by lots of events. The most common is an incoming network or a modem connection request (its called "Wake on LAN" and "Wake on ring").

    I'm not sure what's happening here though but it vaguely possible your motherboard is being powered up in reponse to an incoming network connection request - possible but unlikely!

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    phoosh Guest

    Default Re: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    MuffinC, yes.I checked all settings, and it was set for turning off. This never happened before. It wasn't powered on this morning, I physically turned it on.

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    phoosh Guest

    Default Re: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    Frere-Thanks for your input. I am somewhat computer literate, but I still can't figure out the sudden change in computer behavior. Three days ago, I was able to just turn the computer on, wait for everything to power up and click the IE and be online. Now I have to sign into the network (maybe I should just click "remember s/n and p/w", but is it risky?) My Westell modem red light comes on and goes off all the time still. Even when the internet light is red, I am still online with a good connection. It's driving me to think.

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    muffincharizard Guest

    Default Re: What's Happening? Westell modem going nutz?

    FrereOP touched on, the computer is still on even when you turn it "off". This includes the network card, so that explains why there can still be activity with the modem. However, other than obtaining network information and reporting that it is online it doesn't do much else. That in itself isn't anything to worry about.

    Computers today have a "Wake on LAN" function built into motherboards/network cards to power on the computer on a signal. You can disable this (and I suggest you do) in your BIOS settings. Your computer documentation should have details on how to access your BIOS.

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