Hi,I hope someone here can shed a bit of light on what's happening with Zone Alarm Pro. It has been happening for a few versions now, but thought that it was related to the automatic SmartDefense settingsassigned to programs. I'm inclined NOT to allow SamartDefense to set the settings automatically, but rather that I be informed of any and all attempts to open a connection.Anyway, currentlythere are 128 programsthat show up as being secured for Internet Access, down from 140+, since I removed several from the list. The problem is that MOST of them never gave off an alert from Zone Alarm that they were attempting a connection, and MOST of them have no reason to be on that list, since they are not used to access the Internet for any reason, at least none that I know of. For example, the following programs show up, just to site a few:Adobe Gamma LoaderNotepadPowerMgrIn quite afew cases, some were even allowed access with server and e-mail rights, again without my being notified.On several occasions I have had to manuallyblock the server and mail permissions. Today I saw a new program,listed in the Zone Alarm screen, GLB1A2B.EXE, and it had a setting of "Allow"acrossall settings. This one may be a trojan, based on what I've read on the Internet, but programs associated with it are not found in my system, so it does not appear that it was able to do anything. By the way, this happens many times too with files or programs found in the temp folder, or simply arbitrary programs, like photo editing programs. They show up in the Zone Alarm screen as having made a connection attempt, but I was never alerted. I did not have these types of issues with the older 4.XX versions.Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.Thanks!Angel

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0