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    collie Guest

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    ZA w AV shows that my IP address is blocked except for last octet when I communicate with ZA. Question is whether ZA hides my IP address is hidden when I visit web sites or whether they can capture my identity info?

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    billc Guest

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    Zone Alarm does not hide your IP while you surf the internet. But then again, websites need to know your IP in order to send the data representing a web page to your computer. It would be like asking someone to call you without giving them your telephone number.

    If you are using ZAP or ZASS, you can block Private Headers (in cookie control) that will then prevent your IP address, your workstation name, login name, or other personal information from being transferred to third-party sources. To block your IP, you'll need to use a proxy server as a go between.

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    collie Guest

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    Thanks Bill

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    If ZA blocks all but the last octet of your IP address, it will be your internal address (issued by your router to your PC) that gets masked, not your external IP address issued to you by your ISP.

    Also, be aware that knowing your IP address (internal and external) is not a security issue. I have posted information about this elsewhere so please read THIS THREAD and follow the links to other threads for more details.

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