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Thread: Mailsafe not putting .zip files into quarantine

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    peter_lt Guest

    Default Mailsafe not putting .zip files into quarantine

    Hello folks,

    I've just received a copy of WINIFRED.ZIP - apparently a malware
    program. However, it wasn't quarantined - the filename remained
    the same - but I have Mailsafe turned on and a report of All
    Systems Active. I'm not a little concerned!

    WinXP - SP2
    ZAP V5.5.094.000

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.5

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Mailsafe not putting .zip files into quarantine

    Hi Peter_LT
    Didn't ZA renamed the extension? Well my advice is if you have a good antivirus program that scans email disable that in ZA, at least is what I do.
    Bestr regards

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