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    valobo Guest

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    The icon in the systemtray shows continiously incoming traffic. When I remove all the programs in the Program Control, the incoming traffic stays. My computer is part of a (home)network(router with firewall). The other computer (notebook, wireless)in the network don't have this kind of traffic. When I click 'Stop all Internet activity' the trafficstops.The Internet Zone Securityis 'High' adjusted . Should I be concerned about this incoming traffic?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi valobo
    Does the computer you speak have ZA? If it has in the log viewer firewall is there any incoming attempts blocked by ZA and in that case what are the type of ip's for the source?From what you say it appears that the computer you speak is wired to the router,is that correct?Do you run any program for file sharing?
    Best regards

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    valobo Guest

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    Thank for responding. Ihave found the process what was causing the incoming traffic: my anti virus program AntiVir. After I stopped the process the traffic stopped. I checked the Internet forum of AntiVir:

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    ad_hock Guest

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    You're welcome
    Glad to know you solved the problem yourself.
    Best regards

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