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Thread: Zone Alarm Security Suite (severe) issues

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    Default Zone Alarm Security Suite (severe) issues

    Hello,I've had some interesting (and some severe)issues after installing ZASS in my system (Windows XP SP2).1. The first issue was a problem with the system paging file (never hadone before).My paging file resides on a drive (notthe boot drive)which is managed by a non-native Windows driver (controller is Promise Technologies SATA 150 TX series). On the first reboot after ZASS was installed, Windows complained about a missing page file.I had to deconfigure and reconfigure the page file (in the same way it was configured before) to get it working properly again. There is a setting regarding the Promise driver in the registry:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS/CURRENT VERSION/RUN]PtiuPbmd = REG_SZ "Rundll32.exe ptipbm.dll,SetWriteBack"SinceRUNDLL32 is not configured from the start in ZASS, there is a great possibility thata frustrated attempt at running this setting has screwed up my paging file at the first reboot after ZASS installation.2. There is also a ZASS problem with the nVidia GeForce drivers (mine are the latest version).If I boot my system and don't login IMMEDIATELY (but wait about 1 minute before doing so), when I log in (click on the user name, enter the password, hit ENTER) Windows XP stays stuck in the initial loginscreen (no login tones,no desktop). Login only goes forward after pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL (desktop shows up immediately, nothing else needs to be done after this sequence).I have narrowed it down to the nVidia Driver Helper service (NVSVC32.EXE), which stays stranded because in ZASS the ACCESS and SERVER settings for this program are "ASK" ("?"), but there's no desktop there yet to answer!When I changeall themto DENY or ALLOW, the problem isn't there any more. ZASS should have overcome it automatically.Before applying the workaround I saw the following message in the System event log: "Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction response from the NVSvc service". Obviously the helper app is trying to check for updates even before the login and ZASS keeps it stuck because the desktop isn't there yet.3. Buta problem that even frightened me is thatMailFrontier failed miserably with my wife's first Outlook XP session under the surveillance of ZASS.I have two accounts in my computer, mine and my wife's. I was the first to download e-mail and everything went fine. But afterwe switched to her accountand let herdownload her e-mail, not only MailFrontier didn't kick in, but also when she loggedoff there was a 70KB program (C:\Documents and Settings\PKJS\Local Settings\Temp\GLB2.tmp - that is from her TEMP directoty) that refused to terminate. There was a warning coming from ZASS that MailFrontier desktop was trying to do something "funny".MailFrontier is a component of ZASS, but it's a 7MB executable ran from ZASS directory, not a 70KB .TMP file ran from the TEMP directory. I have done some further research and it seems that the GLB12.tmp file is a LEGITIMATE MailFrontier loader (ran in the user's 1st session in Outlook sinceZASS installation). But is has obviously some limitations regarding the 2nd user session!In the Program Control pane of ZASS now I have TWO entries for MailFrontier, one for each (70KB and 7MB "versions") file.4. When I tried to scan my Outlook "Inbox" folderusing ZASS (it has a subfolder called Inbox.SPAM, where an Outlook rule of mine store some messages), MailFrontier froze and Outlook went into an infinite loop.The only workaround was toclick"cancel"in the MailFrontier window and stopthe OUTLOOK.EXE process though Windows Task Manager. Really frustrating from a new user's poin-of-view.5. Why does ZASS ask for security settings regarding its very own components? Should the user be well-versed in ZASS even before first using it?I have tossed Norton Internet Security for this product, much because NIS would carry bugs throughout the years without being fixed, I can only hope that these "few" ZASS bugs I have seenin myvery first experiencewon't have the same life span.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    whammamoosha Guest

    Default Some items revisited

    1. I have eliminated the RUN SetWriteBack entry in the registry, and the problem still occurs. In fact, I had completely disabled paging in Windows (I have plenty of real memory to do that), and when I tried to remove the file (pagefile.sys)that was left in the the (non-boot) drive, I had to try at least 3 times... something was keeping the file busy. Guess who? ZASS Antivirus (InoculateIT)!Will ZASS work with pagefiles other than the ones created in the boot drive?2. A false positive. Since I handled problems #1 and #2 together, I though there was a problem with the NV helper. Once the page file problem is over (by letting Windows manage the page file), the hang described was no more.3 and 4. Still there.5. I reinstalled ZASS with the Auto option (Program File treatment) instead of the Manual option. Also had the network available by the time of installation (I had disabled it in the first install). Problem seems to be gone.

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