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Thread: Zone Alarm Sometimes Shuts Down on Its Own

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    stanhin Guest

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    About once a week, at random times, my Zone Alarm Pro shuts itself down with a message something like "True Vector has encountered a problem and needs to close." This is followed in a few seconds by another message asking me whether I would like to re-start Zone Alarm. The problem with this system is that I have an "always on" internet connection, so, if Zone Alarm shuts itself down while I am away from the computer, I am unprotected until I return. A suggestion to Zone Alarm--provide some means for an automatic restart when Zone Alarm has to shut itself down (better still, fix whatever problem is making it shut down periodically). Questions for others-anybody else ever have this problem? Anybody know a solution for it?

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi stanhin
    Look at the event viewer (control panel-admnistrative tools-event viewer) and see if in applications errors there is a description about true vector error, something like 'Za log was corrupt...'. I think you may solve your problem with a resetting of the ZA data base. You loose all your customizations and need to built a fresh data base. Follow this link to do that
    Best regards

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    chicago Guest

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    This will happen frequently and Zone Labs does NOTHING to fix it. There's no update, they don't address it and they don't respond. My True Vector goes off E V E R Y morning when I wake up and go to my computer. I've followed the instructions for doing a clean uninstall and then reinstall. It seemed to work for a short term. I'd have True Vector shut off every few days instead of every day, sometimes two to three times a day. Lately with me it's going off during the night and I discover it when I wake up. So all night I have no firewall and my computer is on and connected 24/7. I've turned on my Windows firewall because when True Vector decides to shut down, you have no protection. I'm also using a router, so hopefully that'll help, too.

    But, Zone Labs has not done anything to correct this other than give useless lip service. I'd start looking for another firewall and/or buy a router with a built-in firewall because Zone Alarm in my opinion is unreliable and you get no help or support from them.

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