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Thread: unsecured wireless network protection?

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    micah Guest

    Default unsecured wireless network protection?

    If I am on an unsecured wireless network connection, will the Zone Alarm Firewall protect my computer and personal information from hackers? Would I need to purchase the full Zone Alarm Pro?


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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: unsecured wireless network protection?

    Hi micah
    It will protect as long as you have the network in internet zone and internet zone security setted to high.From the point of view of basic firewall ZAfree has the same engine as ZAPro, this last one gives you extra features like privacy,Identity theft,email protection and in version 6 the OS firewall. But allow me to make a small comment, in wireless the first concern should be to secure the wireless connection.
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    merton Guest

    Default Re: unsecured wireless network protection?

    Zone Alarm will certainly protect your HD, applications and files - all the stuff on your computer. However, at an unsecured WiFi Access point you need to be concerned about all the data that flies through the air between your 'puter and the WiFi access point/router; based on everything I have read so far, it seems to me that this data stream is visible to anyone else on the WiFi network - just as if everyone in the cafe/hotel were looking over your shoulder watching everything you do. Furthermore, anyone running a commonly available tool like Etheral can read your email, snatch your passwords and invade your privacy. And Hackers love to hang out at such Hotspots. ZA is an excellent product, but In my opinion the
    most secure
    way to connect to the Internet at a public WiFi access point/Hotspot is through
    a service like Anonymizer.Com, HotspotVPN.Com or PublicVPN.Com.
    All of these will create a secure tunnel between your 'puter and the WiFi router by encrypting the data stream. I don't think ZA does this, but I'd love to be proven wrong...

    It sure would be great if Zone Labs offered such a service to it's many loyal users - ZA Wireless Security with a built in VPN (Virtual Private Network) would make for an outstanding application!

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