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Thread: Infected PC > contact Bleepingcomputer or SpywareHammer .com

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    Default Infected PC > contact Bleepingcomputer or SpywareHammer .com

    Hi Guys/Gals,

    I'm having a real headache these past two days.
    My pc became infected with spyware through the trojan horse dopper.generic.dwh.

    It dropped in files wininstall.exe and ibm00001.exe.
    I managed to get rid of those but this morning I openend my pc and AVG PRo. found the virus again, this time the file was in C:\WINDOWS\kl1.exe I had it vaulted.
    I've scanned my pc and registry and done a trojan scan (per Hoov's link) and nothing was found.

    What this pesky thing is doing is affecting my Zone Alarm, my AVG (I've been in contact with them) and Email.
    It's bombing me with hundreds of emails like:
    "AVG return email to sender" I have no idea who these emails are.

    I've disabled and enabled the AVG plugin to stop these mass "return mailings" coming thru. As soon as I open AVG interface, a pop up from ZA comes up to allow or deny.
    Of course I need to allow AVG but then everything freezes and the only way I can get rid of everything off my desktop is to completely shut down ZA, then my desktop is clear again.

    I've run and re-run all kinds of spyware programs, AVG deep scan, Ad-aware but something IS messing with these 3 programs.

    Does anyone have any ideas to help?


    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Infected PC ------

    Hi Maybe a rootkit scan and another trojan/malware scan is required. F-Secure has a free soft called Blacklight, Sysinteranls (original Sony DRM rootkit finder) has a free soft, SpywareSweeper from Webroot kills rootkits as well as SpywareDoctor from PC Tools, also the SpyCatcher Express from Tenebril ( free ). As for the trojan/malware go to and download the Ewido , for free and free updates. I bought the Ewido thus having a full time trojan guard along with automatic updates. Don't forget about the Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool (does some rootkits as well). ASquared id also a good antitrojan that can be downloaded and registered for free. Hope you kill this crud! Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Infected PC ------

    Hi Myztic

    The following site will help you remove and clean up your computer of all type of nasty bugs.
    These people are HIGHLY TRAINED and VERY EXCELLENT.

    Hope this info has helped you.
    Good Luck!

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

    "Politeness costs nothing and gains everything".

    Click here for ZA Support

    Avail. 24x7 - Excl. Holiday

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