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Thread: GRC Test - Port 1025 Open

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    vette Guest

    Default Re: GRC Test - Port 1025 Open

    This was the first time I have used this forum and can't believe the breath of knowledge you have.

    Thank you so very much for all your responses.
    I will try your suggestions and will let you know what the resolution was.

    Again, thank you.

    PS. Yeah, I own a Corvette.

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    vette Guest

    Default Re: GRC Test - Port 1025 Open

    Hi guys.
    I finally had the time to follow your recommendations on closing port 1025. Unfortunatelly, it is still open.

    I made a number of changes from check mark to ? and ran grc again.

    This time, I probed port 1025 after it showed open and the response from the probe was that 1025 was open by Name: BlackJack, Purpose: Network BlackJack.
    I don't have (or think don't have) this program.

    Any ideas on getting rid of this pest to close 1025?

    Thanks again.

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    vette Guest

    Default Re: GRC Test - Port 1025 Open

    Update on my last reply.
    1025 is now stealth.
    Went back to program control and change to ? everything except Internet Explorer, ZoneLabs and about 7 programs that ZoneLabs told me not to change as there would be crashes or internet accessibility problems.

    again to everyone who responded to my problem.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: GRC Test - Port 1025 Open

    Hi Vette
    In my name and I think in the others too, you're welcome and I'm glad you solved the problem.Note that the important thing that may open ports in the internet zone is the server internet permission, that is any green tick under the column server internet.By general rule when a program asks for server internet deny and see if the program works. You can always grant it later. After what ARSON said about the windows update patch it would be convenient if you have the smart alert adviser in auto, to take a look at your programs list under server internet just to see if anything was configured without your knowledge to have server internet rights permission (do this regularly).
    Best regards

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