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    mlts Guest

    Default Application Layer Gateway service

    I noticed that it is listed as a running program in the top corner and says "listening to port: TCP : 1034" and has a hand on the bottom of the icon (like the sharing hand in your network). Is this okay Thanks

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    billc Guest

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    Nothing to worry about in my opinion. ALG is a necessary and valid application in the Windows operating system. I checked my ports and ALG was "listening" on port 1026; on your machine it's port 1034. BTW, just because it is "listening" doesn't mean it will "hear" anything. Your firewall will block all unsolicited incoming probes before ALG or any other program can 'hear' them. It is kind of like having a telephone with the bell off; someone may call, but you'll never hear it.

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    mlts Guest

    Default Re: Application Layer Gateway service

    Great. Thanks for the quick reply. The sharing hand thing had me worried.

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    guitarstar Guest

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    I now have that same new box with the hand under it.I also have 1 & some times two boxes that say generic host for win 32 in
    the upper right hand portion of my Zone Alarm window.The second box only appears if I am watching videos or listening to my mp3. Is some one spying?

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    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
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    ZoneAlarm (Free)
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    The hand means that that program has server rights. When you see the same program more than once, that just means there is more than one instance of it running. This is very common with windows process's.
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    wyzzardusa Guest

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    Application Layer Gateway (alg.exe) is a Windows process that has to do primarily with internet connection sharing or with the Windows internet firewall. It also comes into play when using a third-party firewall, such as ZA. The fact that it is running poses no problem. However ........
    I can think of no reason why it needs server rights in any Zone. Mine has only "Trusted" level( 2 green bars)
    in ZASS Program Control, and all blue checkmarks for "Ask" , no server rights anywhere. And my connection runs like a Swiss watch. If you are using that computer as
    an internet gateway and have one or more other computers sharing the internet connection thru that one computer, then perhaps it might need server rights in the Trusted Zone, altho I'm not definite on that.
    Also keep in mind that some malware can pose as alg.exe ... so check the Properties on it....if it says Microsoft and is located in %systemroot%\Windows\System32, all is well.

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