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Thread: Unable to install any Windows Updates!

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    hallber Guest

    Default Re: Unable to install any Windows Updates!

    Tony_A/Guru Bill,

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. All amendments have been done. I will see if they work next update (I am currently up to date with all fixes). If not, I will continue to use the workaround suggested by Guru Bill.

    I do have a separate question to ask about MS Update SP2. Do I need to start another thread? My question is whether it is worth getting this update? I had it before on my previous Admin desktop and it caused chaos with my OS and crashed IE to the point where it would not work!
    'Security warnings' were popping up left, right and centre every time I clicked on a hyperlink (I could not switch them off)
    and the only thing it seemed to deliver was the so called 'Security Centre'. Which was a piece of **bleep** because it kept blocking the activities I wanted to take and it let stuff pass out of my system via the so called 'MS
    firewall' at will! I won't even go into the various conflicts my system went through...

    I have to admit, it was an early download, before MS realised it was buggy as **bleep** and various warnings came out about its stability. At the moment, I do custom updates and do not download SP2 but should I?

    Thanks again,


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    hallber Guest

    Default Re: Unable to install any Windows Updates!

    By the way, the 'bleeps' are not as bad as they look!

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Unable to install any Windows Updates! - Re:SP2


    All I can say is that my XP Pro system has SP2 installed, and is fully up-to-date with all the XP updates, and I have no problems whatsoever that I don't create for myself. However, my system is kept very clean, optimized, with only the applications I really use. None of which are Microsoft applications with the exception of Windows explorer, and IE to access

    Weekly, I fully check my system with SysInternals autoruns and process manager to ensure the only things running are necessary programs and services; I use System Mechanic 6 Pro to do all the normal maintenance jobs; and, I check for updates to the operating system and all my applications, and I use the Event Viewer to have a good look at my application and system logs.

    Everytime, before I connect to the internet, I start up Essential Net Tools, and SmartWhois, so I can keep an eye on what connections are made to my system, and what processes are active when I do connect to the internet. I follow up on any anomilies I see and resolve them. When I'm satisified that everything is normal, I shut down Essential Net Tools and SmartWhois and get on with my work. The whole startup process may take 5 minutes, but it has proven to be worthwhile. My system is very, very quiet, and there is no activity except that caused by my own activities. Even now, using my browser which has established contact to the internet, there is absolutely no traffic to and from the internet and with 48 services and processes running, my CPU is idling along at under 2%.

    When people have problems it is often because there is a lot of junk, and old, out-of-date stuff on their system. Before you attempt to update to SP2, which of course you should, make sure your system is exceptionally clean, updated and optimized in its present configuration, and that everything is working as it should, do an image backup, research the update to SP2 throughly on, and when you're sure you understand what's going on, try the move to SP2.

    Good Luck.


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    hallber Guest

    Default Re: Unable to install any Windows Updates! - Re:SP2

    Thanks. That sounds like a challenge for me! Not only do I have MS Office 2006 on my system, I have various graphics programmes (I do graphic design/DTP in my spare time and I work from home frequently). I also have a son who demands access to the likes of Warcraft and various Boulderdash clones on my PC - about 80-90 gigs worth! And I have Dreamweaver and Frontpage files, not to mention a programme to build eBay web pages - I also build websites at work. Where to start on cleaning it up? I have a LOT of graphics, pictures and music files
    on my system, not to mention documents in MSWord, Smartsuite, Serif PagePlus
    and Lotus plus remnants of various web boards and sites I used to administer. No idea where to start and what to get rid of.
    Do you have a step by step tool or site I could go to to clue me in on what I should get rid of/the steps I should take
    before installing SP2? At the moment my system is extremely noisy and 'busy', by the way. I installed ZAPro 6.1 about 6 weeks ago and it has already detected more than 11,000 intrusion attempts! I dread to think how many people were rummaging around in my system under Sygate (my previous firewall).
    Thanks for you help,


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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Unable to install any Windows Updates! - Re:SP2


    I'm not knowledgeable about the ins and outs of SP2, all I could offer was general advice. Use the knowledge base at to investigate an SP2 installation.

    No, there's no tool I know of to clean your system up for you, you have to make the decisions yourself about what to keep and what to delete. However, other than perhaps slowing down your system somewhat, you don't have to worry about data files. They're not doing anything to harm your system - they're just sitting there taking up space.

    Work on getting rid of things that are running, that you don't need. How much stuff is starting up at boot time that is never used? All the applications you mentioned you have running, probably start up some parts of themselves during the boot process even though you might not use them. Limit what runs automatically.

    Maybe you can set some services to 'manual' rather than 'automatic?' Learn how to use the Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management module. It can do a lot of system tasks

    I have used System Mechanic 6 Pro for a while and it does a good job of keeping things running smoothly with little effort. If you don't have something like it, I would recommend getting it. It has a good cost/benefit ratio. It can also manage services and process startups.

    As for kids, keep them severely limited, or get them a cheap second-hand system for themselves. Not good to have kids sharing a work system. Dump all old, unnecessary, not used data, and de-fragment your drives

    Migrate away from over-grown applications such as MS Word that use massive amounts of memory and space. Free software such as are compatible, and better.

    Spend some time each week working on your system, and it will get better. That's the only advice I can offer.


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