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Thread: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

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    cheryb Guest

    Default Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    Using ZAF on WinXp Home SP2.
    I've been watching the system tray icon almost all day (at least 12 hours) and I haven't seen the "ZA" logo one time. The only time I was able to see it was when I stopped all internet access.
    I've run all my security checks, checked the logs, rebooted the computer, etc and don't see anything that would be causing this.
    Any help is appreciated!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    cheryb Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    I should also mention one of the icons in the control center (up at the top) is constantly flashing.
    It is the Generic Host Process for Win32 services.
    Thank you!Cheryle

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    This is because the most recent versions have a built in bug,it is ZA constantly contacting its own servers,they say this traffic is harmless.If Generic Host process is active,it also might be generating this traffic,this process belongs to the Operating System,and if you have Automatic Update active,it will constantly querie the MS servers.The traffic really shouldnt be constant unless you may have provided a process or program SERVER rights,check this by opening ZA going to the program control tab and then the Programs tab.I also recommend you scan your computer for Virri and spyware,as one of these programs may also generate constant traffic.There is also a possibility it is just local network traffic from your computer to the device that connects you via the internet(modem,hub,router,etc...).

    If you are somewhat of an advance user try downloading a packet sniffer like Ethereal and watch what is causing this traffic,its a way for you to catch the culprit.Use google to find the program it is fairly easy to use and understand.

    If you need further assistance just let us know,more info on what you have allowed access and server rights maybe helpful to those that want to help you.

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    chery Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    Thank you for the info, FlyYourWay!

    ran all virus checks and spyware checks yesterday when I first noticed this....running Adaware, Spybot S&D, MS AntiSpyware, Ewido, NOD32 AV, Spyware Blaster, CCleaner, ZAF.
    I have made some changes to the Programs Tab in ZAF but this has not helped the situation any.

    Here is what has rights at this moment:

    Adaware: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Adobe PSE 3 and Adobe Update Manager:

    Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Adobe Reader 7: Access yes/yes Server ask/ask

    CCleaner: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Generic Host Process: Access yes/yes Server yes/no

    GeoSoft Host Manager: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Giga Pocket Server: Access yes/yes Server yes/yes (Sony computer - this has always had server rights)

    InstallShield Update service: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Java 2 Update: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Javaw and javaws.exe: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Messenger: Access yes/ask Server ask/ask

    Microsoft AntiSpyware Updater: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Microsoft Outlook: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Nod32 Kernel Service: Access yes/yes Server yes/yes

    Outlook Express: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    Run a DLL as an app: Access yes/yes Server ask/ask

    Services and Controller App: Access yes/yes Server ask/ask

    Spybot S&D:
    Access yes/yes Server no/no

    SpywareBlaster: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    tgcmd module: Access yes/yes Server no/no

    I downloaded and ran Ethereal.
    In virtually every case (there were a couple of ZA DNS inquiries) the packets are TCP transmissions back and forth between my Sony computer and my Linksys WRT54G Router.
    Back and forth, in mili-seconds - so constant activity.
    I ran the test for 60 seconds and there were 456 packets captured.

    Is this necessary/normal?
    How do I stop it or do I even need to?

    Thanks for your continued help!


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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    The programs that have server rights I would recommend you also set them to ask,The router communication is harless traffic you shouldnt worry about as it could be normal or needed traffic.

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    cheryb Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    Thank you again for your response and help.
    This just seems to have started happening.
    I am relieved that the majority of the activity is between my PC and router.

    Is it okay to change the server rights on the Generic Host Process to ask?
    It is currently set to Server: trusted: yes/internet: ask. Everytime I decide to change it, ZA provides a little nastygram letting me know there are dire consequences looming ahead if I decide to 'go through with it'.
    Of course, I chicken out and leave it be!

    Your opinion?

    Thanks, Cheryle

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    dgrandmaster Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    I would deny server rights to all programs, both in trusted and Internet,
    unless You host a website or something to that effect. Generic Host Process does not of itself require server rights. as for the Sony server program, I doubt thateven that requires server rights.

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    The ZA icon should not be showing any traffic activity at all when connected to the Internet, if your system is at rest with no applications running, and you are not running an actual server, or a proxy. Under the Program Control - Programs tab, Server column, very little needs server access to the trusted zone, and even less to the internet zone. If in doubt what should have access, change all programs to 'ask' and note what you're doing when the alert appears to ask permission.

    Also, download the evaluation version of Essential Net Tools from, and check under the NetStats screen to see what connections are established from your system to the internet, make a note of the PID (program identification number), switch to the Processes screen and use the PID to determine which process is causing the traffic. Then deal with that process.

    Because you appear to be using a Sony system, check under ZA Program Control - Programs tab and see if you are running the 'SMceMan' module. On my Sony system I found this module generated a considerable amount of useless traffic. Under Program Control - Programs tab, under the Trust Level column, mark this program 'Kill.'

    This is a late response, but it may still help you or someone else.

    Good luck.


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    cheryb Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the information and help you posted.
    I had tried virtually everything and the Essential Net Tools didn't yield anything definitive either.
    On a whim, (after I read your response and tried all your recommendations) I removed the icon for the wireless network from the systray and that was the culprit.
    If the wireless network systray icon is displayed, then the ZA icon is constantly busy.
    When removed, voila!
    I had almost given up hope and had tried countless ideas and suggestions.
    Finally! Success!

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Sys Tray Icon constantly active


    It's always good news when someone solves a problem. It had to be something that was running that was causing the traffic. Anything in the Notification area (Sys Tray) is always running. Glad you got it solved.


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