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Thread: Viruses Or Not?

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    Default Viruses Or Not?

    My Zone Alarm Pro just did a Spyware scan and I noticed a lot of viruses, mostly worms and Trojans mentioned in the scan.
    They start with Win32.
    Was I seeing a virus encyclopedia being scanned or viruses themselves?
    I can't see them being viruses because the amount I saw, my PC would be in a complete mess and I haven't noticed anything wrong and I haven't had any viruses detected with my AVG Anti-Virus for ages.
    Anyone, please help me on this.
    Many thanks.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    Default Re: Viruses Or Not?

    Hi darrenuk,

    "PERHAPS" I can help you, as I am a user of Zone Alarm Pro.
    First of all, I used AVG Anti-Virus for almost a year, and it didn't find anything wrong with my computer, until I started cross checking with different Anti-Virus on line scanners, which they found a few viruses that AVG FAILED to find.
    So, now I use the FREE version of Avast Anti-Virus (
    In my opinion this is an "EXCELLENT" Anti-Virus program, it has found many infected emails and recently a nasty trojan, which they removed from my computer.
    Here are some FREE online scanning sites for you, if you are interested.
    Also, I would go to the following site and have them completely search your computer system for any type of BUGS that may be hiding inside of it.
    These people are "HIGHLY TRAINED" and "VERY EXCELLENT".
    Plus, they are very fast, you don't have to wait for a answer for any length of time.
    It's your decision on what you want to do.

    Panda ActiveScan
    Make sure you tick Disinfect automatically under Scan Options.

    Download Ewido

    After the installaton, search for updates and download any available. Start your computer in safe mode , open Ewido,press scanner, complete system scan, fix anything that is found, next run a full virus scan also fix any problems you have. Restart your computer normally and run some more scans with Ewido and your virus scanner, to make sure your clean. If after the second round of scans the trojan still exsist we will have to turn off system restore , go back into safe mode again going through the same procedure as before but see if this works first.

    Then go to the following site and have them complete a HJT (highjackthis) log file on your computer.

    Hope this info has helped you, if not PLEASE post back.

    Thank you for your time and have a nice day!


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