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Thread: ZASS keeps killing my keylogger - dangit!

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    secur_itt Guest

    Default ZASS keeps killing my keylogger - dangit!

    Ok, Security Suite keeps finding and destroying my keylogger, eventhough I have approved it and it's processes.
    What do I have to do to stop this problem, as it occurs almost very 2 weeks (it does notify me on the summary screen, and I allow it, but still it gets trashed....
    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: ZASS keeps killing my keylogger - dangit!

    Try posting a screenshot of the scan results.

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    secur_itt Guest

    Default Re: ZASS keeps killing my keylogger - dangit!

    Ill have to wait for it to do it again, but basically after it does it's normal daily scan and brings up the summary screen (where it shows detected and repaired spyware) at the top there is a line or two showing my keyloggers with dropdown boxes for me to allow/quarantine/or delete(i think). If I am there I click allow (if my kids are there they click DONE/finish at the
    bottom of the window (that ofcourse will trash it as it defaults to quarantine) - but even if I do it my way and allow it - it has already zapped the data file of the keylogger - and
    then I'm scre%*#!

    Am I able to restore files it has quarantined?? (have I missed this feature??)

    Thanks Jim

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    Default Re: ZASS keeps killing my keylogger - dangit!

    If you can't quarantine your keylogger from detection (I presume you are using it for legitimate purposes like monitoring your kids' internet access WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE and I hope you tell everyone who uses your computer they are being keylogged), you may need to modify the executable. This can be done but may not be a trivial task depending on how the program is detected.

    As a first pass, try adding a resource to the executable. You can use PE Resource Explorer (or any resource editor).

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