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    I translated my las post but there are some things that my english doesn
    t understand, but I thimk you can solve it changing some grammatical rules, please, is all what I can do.

    This is the translation... Good Look

    The problem started the second week of February, I could receive the updates of security but I did not enterded to the site, instead I recived them by the icon of warning that appears when they are downloading updates of security (here I already suspected that he walked something bad so that those are Windows updates but nonMicrosoft updates that are those that but interests to me), before receiving them, as 3 days before I went to Windows update and it said to me that I needed net. framework and another thing nonmemory that related to same net. framework, but then decided not to install them, on the following day I downloaded separately net framework 2.0 that had marked to the Windows update to me but other no, install it but i did not see any change, I uninstalled it but I had a problem with autocad of my father and had to reinstall it (unistalled net famework 1,0 and something whom it had to do with that I do not decide to me that something of net was but it said framework). And that was the last time that I had contact with Windows update. Returning with the previous thing, my suspicions began the week to install the ZA (16 of January) so that it did not receive any update from part of Microsoft. It waits for other 2 weeks to me and it was when I recived the updates of security of automatic and I thought way that the problem was single weather, but now I see that no, everything started with the installation of zone alarm so that with my previous firewall never I had problems (Norton). With respect to my previous post, if, that it is what it appears to me, that code of error with all those symptoms and possible solutions, obvious the first solution is not feasible, but either it deals with the others, I have added the directions that there provide, but less one so that it says to me that that page does not exist ( or looks for the entrances of host that they could have, or deactivates firewall of ZA and activates the one of Windows, or deactivates the control of programs, or add the Microsoft IP whom to me post previous but nothing puts in. No longer that to do, and now that I think it better, the problem I do not believe that is ZA but another one program, perhaps the other component net framework that is missed me to install is who generates certain problems. I am going to try to find a page of where to obtain it, but still I want that that you give me advice of as could be the problem. Thanks. Ramipithecus

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    The following is the direct link to the Zone Alarm Tech Support and they will solve your problem.
    PLEASE keep us inform about the final results.

    Welcome to Zone Labs Web-Based Technical Support

    Hope this info has helped you.


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