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    ramipithecus Guest

    Default Help about the same problem

    I have tried with everything...... but I
    m still not able to downlod any update from microsoft.... I can recibe the critical updates (security updates) but when I go to the microsoft update page in order to download the complementaries updates, a message tells me that there is something in my pc that stops the process.
    This is happenning since I installed the Zone Alarm Security Suite.
    With my last firewall this never happened.
    Please, I
    m desperate.

    m just a kid (14 years old) and I live in M xico.
    If you see some misspell, I offer you an apology, my english level is the worst you can imagine... sorry

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    Hi Ramipithecus
    Read this thread a little below yours and do what Guru Bill suggests,this should solve your problem.Follow this link
    Best regards

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    In dealing with Microsoft behind ZA, make sure Firewall - Zones - has entered as a range ( -, and set to 'Trusted.' Microsoft Hotmail ( - should also be entered as 'Trusted.'

    As well, access the Control Panel - Internet Options - Security tab, click on the trusted sites icon, then click on the 'Sites' button, then type ' *' (don't miss the '*' at the start) in the 'Add this Web site...' box, then click the 'Add' button. Uncheck the 'Require server.....' box, and then 'OK' your way out.

    When accessing, always use Internet Explorer because Microsoft doesn't like talking to non-microsoft products.

    Although Microsoft will download security updates to anyone, it will only provide custom updates and other support to verified, registered systems. If you are using a true verified copy of Windows, you will be able to connect and download all updates. If you are using an illegal copy of windows you will be refused support. Even if you have a legal copy of windows, you may have to go through a series of hoops, as microsoft examines your system, and click several 'I Agree' buttons, before you are registered (re-registered) on their data base as a good customer.

    Good luck. Please report back how you are getting on.


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    ramipithecus Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    the same....

    I tried everything and the same... it
    s impossible to get updates I need more help and more ideas about thisPLEASE

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem


    Sorry to hear you're still having problems. The first thing you should do is make sure you're in an administrators account, and have full write permissions.

    Please try everything again, calmly. My suggestions have been about ensuring your system internet options are set properly, Bill's have been about setting ZA properly.

    First, re-read Bill's instructions and set ZA up so that under Privacy - Site List. is added, applied, and that there is a green check mark (left click - allowed) for the columns 'Mobile code', 'Session cookies', Persistent cookies' and 'Third party cookies.' This will allow Microsoft to have access to your computer and be able to install cookies and run scripts.

    Second, in ZA under the Firewall - Zones tab, click on the 'Add' button, select 'IP Range', and enter and and give it the description 'Microsoft Corp'. The description name is only to remind you what the IP address range is for.

    Now, add another IP range for and and give it the description 'Microsoft hotmail'. These two address ranges will tell ZA that all Microsoft sites have trusted access to your system. This should finish setting up ZA so that the firewall won't cause any problems with Windows Updates. Ok, put ZA away.

    Start up Internet Explorer, pull down the 'Tools' menu, and click on 'Windows Update'. Let it take you to the web page. Try updating.

    If it works, Ok. If it doesn't work, pull down the 'Tools' menu again and click on 'Internet Options.' The 'Internet Properties' applet will appear. Click on the 'security' tab, click on the 'Trusted Sites' icon, click on the 'Sites' button, and in the 'Add this web site to the zone:' box, enter: '*', with the leading * but without the quotes. Click on 'Ok', and 'Ok', and try updating again by pulling down the 'Tools' menu and clicking on 'Windows Update.'

    If this doesn't work, then the problem is not with ZA nor your system internet settings. So just leave them as you have set them. There's no sense playing around and trying different combinations.

    At this point, the problem is that Microsoft is not recognizing your operating system as being a legal copy. If you are sure you have a legal copy of the operating system running, use Internet Explorer to go to, click on 'Select a Product for Assistance', click on your version of the operating system, follow the links and keep clicking on your version of the operating system until you get to a page that offers an email link to Microsoft. Write an email to microsoft explaining the problem as fully as you can, and what you have done to correct it. They say they will get back to you in one day. I have used this service, and they were extremely concerned and helpful.

    I think that's all the advice I can give you, maybe other forum members can give you something else to try.

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    ramipithecus Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    Well, everything is wrong with my computer, here I posted a link were says something about my problem (
    ) may be with this you can help me much more...... I
    m gonna try to copy the configuration of other
    zone alarm security suite that function normally (it let update the computer) and
    i wait that this solve the problem, but wathever you can still send me ideas and more help if this doesn
    t solve my problem...... please help me, i
    m thinking in change my personal firewall to norton or outpost but i don
    t want because this is the best one but this problem is making me change my perspective.

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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    Ok Ramipithecus,

    Make a printed copy of this message to refer to.

    Your microsoft link does lead to a set of instructions to solve your problem, but if you are still having problems, let's start again. I will take it for granted that you are getting one of the error messages listed in Kb 836941. Which one? Ensure your internet connection is working by using your browser to surf the web. I'm going to assume you are using a stand-alone system, not on a network, and not working through a proxy.

    Make sure you are running your system from an Administrator's account. Please confirm that you are!

    Disconnect from the internet.

    With your system up and running, but disconnected from the internet, right click on the ZA icon in the notification area, and shutdown the ZA security suite. The first thing to do is eliminate ZA from the problem.

    Through the Start button, go to the Control Panel and find your way to the 'Security Center.' That will bring up the Windows Firewall. Click on 'Internet Options' - 'Security' - 'Internet' and click on the 'Default level' button.

    Click on the 'Trusted Sites' icon. Click on the 'Default Level' button. Click on the 'Sites...' button. Ensure '*' is added as a trusted site as you were advised in previous messages. Click 'Ok' out of 'Internet Options' back to the 'Security Center.' Click on the 'Windows Firewall' manager. Go to the 'General' tab. Is the firewall on? (If it is, that may be what was causing the problem with ZA you shouldn't try to run two firewalls on the same system) Ensure the firewall is turned on. Click 'Ok' and go back to the 'Security Center.' Make sure the Green Firewall light is on. Exit from the Security Center.

    Now that ZA is out of the picture, and the Windows firewall is up and running, Connect to the internet.

    Start up Internet Explorer twice so that two copies are running side by side, in one of them, say the left one, navigate to the KB836941 article that you found. in the other, pull down the Tools menu, and select Windows Update. On the left of the Status bar at the bottom of the IE window, it should say 'Trusted' If not, then your Internet options are not set correctly and you have to go back and set up * as a trusted site as was mentioned in previous messages. Or, you can enter the site names as detailed in Kb836941 under step 4.

    When you get to the page it will first check if you have the latest version of the update software loaded on your system. If you do, it will then go to a page to check what updates you require. (Since you said you could download security updates, I'm taking it for granted that you are getting to the microsoft update site and you have the latest update software loaded, and microsoft does scan your system, and does get to a page that has two buttons, one for security updates, and one for 'custom' updates. If this is not so, stop now, and post a new message on the ZA forum explaining exactly what you are seeing.)

    After you download your security updates, you will be taken to a page that says in effect that to install the custom downloads, go to the Windows home page, and there is a button on the right-hand side of the page that says Windows Home. Clicking on this button, takes you back to the window that has the security button and the custom button. Clicking on the custom button will list all the custom downloads available. Are you getting to this window?

    According to what I read in your posting, you get to this point, but microsoft refuses to allow you to download 'custom' updates?

    Now, in kb836941, we are about up to Step 4 of method 1. In Step 5, it says to remove entries for Windows update and Microsoft update from the Hosts file. The Hosts file is a text file located in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and it contains information that your browser uses to translate web site names into IP addresses so that the browser doesn't have to go to a DNS server to look up a web site's address. The problem is, that the browser will look in the Hosts file first, and if it finds an address for a web site it will use that address and NOT go to a DNS server to find the address. This means that if the address is wrong in the Hosts file, your browser will always be directed to the wrong web site. If you are getting to the Microsoft update site, and it is scanning your system to see what updates you need, then there is nothing wrong with your Hosts file. Are you actually getting to the Microsoft update web site? If you are, then there is nothing wrong with your Hosts file. The instructions in step 5 are detailed and clear in how to use Notepad to check and make changes. Unless you, or someone else has entered wrong addresses in the hosts file, they won't be there. Nothing is put automatically in the Hosts file, everything must be entered manually.

    If you are still having problems, then the problem is not, repeat not, with ZA. To help further, you must provide a very clear, detailed description of what exactly you are doing, and what is happening. Although you are a young man of 14, and English is not your first language, you are certainly old enough, and good enough in English, to give a careful description of exactly what is happening when you try to update your system. I can't help you any further without knowing exactly what you are doing, what you are typing in, what is happening, and what you are seeing. It's impossible just trying to give instructions without knowing exactly what your system is like, what software you are using, and step by step what you are doing from the time you sign on until you have your problem. I'm at a loss what to advise you to do.

    If eliminating ZA, as we have done above, allows you to do your update, then the ZA forum is the right place to seek help. If you still have problems, either you must give detailed information, or seek help from the microsoft forums.

    Good luck.



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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem


    This morning while doing my weekly updates I managed to get the same error, (080072EFD) that I think you did, while trying to update from the site. I got to the 'Checking for Latest Update' screen, and after it checked my system, it came back with the error.

    I realized that I had forgotten to unblock (change to internet status), all the Akamai sites that Microsoft and many other software vendors use to gather statistics, since the last time I had updated. I have the IP address ranges for all the Akamai sites that I have spotted getting information from my computer blocked on the firewall page of ZA. As soon as I changed the status of these sites from 'Blocked' to 'Internet', and 'Applied' the change, I noticed my ZA icon flashing indicating that traffic was leaving my system.

    Now, I believe Microsoft states in its Privacy Policy that if it can't collect information from its users, it won't support them. I believe that I got an error message because I had not been allowing Microsoft's agent, Akamai, to collect information from my system, because when I tried to update again by exiting IE, starting it up again, and using 'Tools' - 'Windows Update' I was able to update with no problem. It seems that part of the Microsoft system scan for latest updates may also be checking to see if Akamai has been getting information from the user's system. This could be the cause of your problem too.

    Check to see that the USA Akamai address ranges are not blocked. The ranges I have are:

    IP -
    IP -;
    IP -; and,
    IP -

    There may be others in your area. (Akamai is a research company that collects information world-wide.)

    One way to check this, if you don't know if Akamai is being blocked, is to change the status of all address ranges listed on the ZA Firewall - Zones page in the Zone column from 'Blocked' to 'Internet'. and then trying your update. Don't change them to 'Trusted.' Don't forget to change them back to what they were after your update attempt.

    I do have a warning. My assumption about Akamai's reception of information affecting the Microsoft update may not be correct, because when I afterwards re-blocked the Akamai IP addresses, and went back to, I had no problem with the update process. Also, I checked the ZA logs and there was no listing of an allowed communication between my system and Akamai, despite the fact that the ZA icon flashed indicating that communication traffic was taking place. Unfortunately, when I was doing this, I didn't have any software running to monitor my communications I/O. Nevertheless, I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to prevent an update if it did not detect recent information from the system being sent to Akamai.


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    ramipithecus Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem

    :mansad: I will give a complete report of what I
    m doing, but I
    m gonna do it in spanish, is easier for me, you just have to translate it in goolge may be or where you want:

    El problema empezo la segunda semana de febrero, pude recibir las actualizaciones de seguridad pero no entre yo al sitio, sino que las recibi mediante el icono de advertencia que aparece cuando se estan descargando actualizaciones de seguridad (aqui ya sospechaba que andaba algo mal por que esas son windows updates mas no microsoft updates que son las que mas me interesan), antes de recibirlas, como 3 d as antes fui a
    windows update y me dijo que me faltaba el net. framework 2.0 y otra cosa no recuerdo que relacionada con el mismo net. framework, pero en ese momento no decidi instalarlas, al d a siguiente descarge por separado el .net framework 2.0 que me hab a marcado el windows update pero el otro no, lo instale pero no veia ningun cambio, lo desinstale pero tuve un problema con el autocad de mi pap y tuve que reinstalarlo (desinstale el .net famework 1.0 y algo que ten a que ver con eso que no me acuerdo que era pero decia algo de .net framework). Y esa fue la ltima vez que tuve contacto con windows update.

    Regresando con lo anterior, mis sospechas empezaron a la semana de instalar el ZA (16 de enero) por que no recib a ninguna actualizacion por parte de microsoft. Me espere otras 2 semanas y fue cuando recibi las actualizaciones de seguridad de manera autom tica y pense que el problema fue solo temporal, pero ahora veo que no, todo empezo con la instalaci n del zone alarm por que con mi anterior firewall nunca tuve problemas (norton).

    Con respecto a mi anterior post, si, eso es lo que me aparece, ese c digo de error con todos esos s ntomas y posibles soluciones, obviamente la primera soluci n no es factible, pero ya trate con lo demas, ya he agregado las direcciones que ahi proporcionan menos una por que me dice que esa p gina no existe (
    ) ya busque las entradas de host que pudieran haber, ya desactive el firewall de ZA y active el de windows, ya desactive el control de programas, ya agrege las IP de microsoft que me ponen en un post anterior pero nada.

    Ya no se que hacer, y ahora que lo pienso mejor, el problema no creo que sea ZA sino otro progarama, tal vez el otro componente .net framework que me flata por instalar y que genera ciertos problemas. Voy a tratar de encontrar una p gina de donde conseguirla, pero a n asi queiro que me den consejos de cual podr a ser el problema.



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    tony_a Guest

    Default Re: Help about the same problem


    Well, you presented me with a problem. The free translation service at: did a translation of the forum web page you wrote, but the result was too confusing for me to respond to - many words were not translated. I think it would be better if you wrote your description in Spanish, translated it into English, checked and corrected the translation, and then posted the corrrected translation to this forum. I'm trying to help you, please help me as well, or post your problem under a Spanish Title in the ZA forum and get a spanish speaking member to respond.

    From what you did write, I did not see any indication if you had actually tried all the suggestions that had been made to date, and what were the results you received. The description you gave seemed to give your story from the beginning, and that's good, but it is too general in nature to determine what steps you have actually taken and what results you have achieved. Please add to your latest post and give detailed decriptions of your corrective actions and results.


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