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Thread: Spyware scan hangs

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    rainbows Guest

    Default Spyware scan hangs

    I have the spyware scan set to scan daily. It sometimes shows in the task bar, but with no pop-up results window and I can't close that tab.
    I ran another spyware scan and it seems to hang like that when there is no spyware found. In the Task Manager, it is not showing as active, yet I've got it with a tab looking like it's running. If I close all programs, it still sits there. It doesn't seem to do any harm, just annoying.
    Any thoughts or suggestions? I have changed it to only scan once a week, so maybe that will be a workaround.

    ZA Pro version 6.1.737.000
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    rjay Guest

    Default Re: Spyware scan hangs

    I am having the same hang problem but hadn't thought about the spyware scan causing it. Mine is set on daily also. I can't get it to close unless I reboot or shutdown ZA and then restart. I will try setting mine for weekly and see if that is the problem. Could there be a conflict with other anti-spyware software? I am also running Spyblaster, Spybot and Microsoft Anti spyware programs.

    XP SP2
    ZAPro 6.1.737.000


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    Default Re: Spyware scan hangs

    Does it seem to hang on the same file everytime?
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