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Thread: Trillian as a server? Am I at risk?

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    emy Guest

    Default Trillian as a server? Am I at risk?

    Hello! I use trillian as my IM. Today, for the first time I tried setting it to chat in a mIRC chatroom. Upon connecting to the mIRC server ZA Free (6.1.737.000) asked me to allow it to run as a server. I allowed it but now I'm not sure.
    If I let Trillian run both as Access and Server (all green in the Access and Server fields) will my ports be not stealthed anymore? I mean, will my pc be visible? Or will ZA keep making it invisible? In the past I tried scans from Symantec and pcflank and Sygate to see if really ZA would make all the ports stealted. And it passed. I would like to know if, allowing Trillian or other programs like bittornado rights as Servers will open ports and make them visible.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Trillian as a server? Am I at risk?

    When using the IM, MIRC or IRC never allow unknown .exes or strange files to enter the pc. This would be dangerous.Any IM or mIRC or IRC will open your ports (or labelled as servers) and thus you are vulnerable to any attempt for some one to send you an unwanted gift. Any open port can still appear as stealthed, while a port that is closed could still possibily respond to the right caller and become open. The best advise is after using your IM, to uncheck the server rights and thus close your ports for the safety. ZA should be tested occasionally for the stealth and peace of mind. Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    emy Guest

    Default Re: Trillian as a server? Am I at risk?

    ok. So basically, I can use Trillian or any other IM software as long as I don't let it have Server rights?
    So what if I get a pop outs asking to give server rights? Will I have to deny it? If so will the chat software still function properly?

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