Hello, I'm new to this, so sorry if this is the wrong board. Can anyone tell me why Zlclient.exe and VSmon.exe are accessing the internet from within my computer, calling for information and returning a Popup advertisement? In the last month or so, I have desperately tried to resolve this issue. Only for this to keep coming back. After reformating my hard drive, this problem returns. At first I didn't know the VSmon was a file only for ZoneAlarm. But..when looking at my TCPview, the ZLclient.ext and VSmon.exe are both sending out information to remote address IP213.191.85.231 port 80 (a213-191-85-231.deploy.akamaitechnologies.com http). I did a test while this connection was established to make sure the Zone Alarm VSmon still worked. I updated my AntiVirus in Zone Alarm, the VSMON.exe made a connection to the internet

anti virus was updated, but also the other VSmon was still connected. For the last month, while surfing the internet, this popup comes up, even though I have my popupblocker on. At the top of this popup is (akamaitechnologies.com http). These popups are driving me crazy and only after over a month of being annoyed have I begun to try to find out why. Now I see what is happening...this information in my computer or elsewhere is attaching itself to what ever open port it can find..unfortunately Zlclient.exe and VSmon.exe. I have run Spybot, ZoneAlarm antivirus...Antivir, Adaware and found totally nothing. Anyone have any suggestions short of unstalling Zone Alarm again? Also under 'Alerts and Logs, the program viewer...you see where the Zlclient.exe is calling out to the IP address of this company and being allowed to make a connection to DNS a1599.g.akamai. I have made screen shots of this connection if anyone is interested in seeing exactly what I am seeing when this is making a connection. Advise, suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks CKCK2103@hotmail.de

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.1