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    charlesfrith Guest


    AUTOMATED MALWARE PROFILE, ANALYSIS, REMOVAL AND SIGNATURE INFORMATION: DEFINITION OF: ATMCLK.EXE<ul>[*]Safety Rating: Known Spyware, do not run[*]Spyware Family: Part of Spyware group - SpywareQuake[*]Determination: Automatically determined using Prevx1 centralized heuristics[*]Malware Form: EXPLOIT[*]Additional Info: Bogus antispyware application[*]Protection: Prevx1 will protect, disinfect, cleanup and remove ATMCLK.EXE[*]Non Prevx Users: New users may remove ATMCLK.EXE with the trial versions of Prevx1 or free versions of Prevx1R[*]First seen: Apr 29 2006 (GMT)[*]Last seen: Today (GMT)[*]File Size: 10,044 bytes[/list]

    Extremely difficult to remove and slipped by my basic edition of Zonealarms but was cleaned up with a product available on
    . The most nasty piece of malware I've had to clean in years.

    I hope the information is useful. Professional editions of ZA may well be more secure than the freeware I am using.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    everybithelps Guest

    Default ATMCLK.EXE & DCOMCFG.EXE - Spy Falcon

    Thanks for this. I have much the same issues as you.
    I found the Prevx web site but had more difficulty finding the removal tool. Then I realised Prevx is an antimalware product that protects and removes a whole ton of stuff including these nasties.
    For others plagued with ATMCLK.EXE and DCOMCFG.EXE which are parts of Spy Falcon here is the link to Prevx1 which will remove them:
    I am trialling Prevx1 for free at the moment and it seems fine with ZA.
    Once again thank you.

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    leesano Guest


    Well If you got this from the web, chances are you got infected by SpyFalcon. The two .exe files that cause this to run on your computer are &quot; dcomcfg.exe &quot; and &quot; atmclk.exe &quot; , which are embedded to your C:/Windows/System32 folder.

    "dcomcfg.exe&quot;, not to be confused with &quot; dcomcfng.exe &quot;, usually is a browser hijacker process. This browser hijacker redirects your browser to &quot;;

    OR &quot;about:blank&quot; .
    It gives a warning that your computer is infected by some malwares and asks you to download some anti-virus programs to remove it from your computer. These programs work, but are a bit costly! I personally don't think people should pay for something they did'nt want to begin with, so please readfurther. But if you want to pay anyways, go here
    , but why pay?

    The other file is &quot; atmclk.exe &quot;, which is made by SpyFalcon. Go here for complete details of this malicious malware virus. But again don't buy anything from these links, I merely post them for specific details and nothing more. They want you to think that the only way to remove these files is by spending ridiculous amounts of money on third paty programs that ensure nothing! Don't be so easily
    fooled, keep reading please.

    Let's get to it then. To remove these
    two executable files &quot;dcomcfg.exe&quot; and &quot;atmclk.exe&quot; we will follow a few quick and easy steps. Please read carefully before attempting to remove these files.

    Step 1

    Download &quot;Hijack this&quot; for free. After, extact it to it's own folder on your drive, remember where you saved

    Step 2

    If using Win Xp, go to Start&gt;Run&gt; type in msconfig

    then press Enter. On the System Configuration Utility window that opens up, select Diagnostic Startup - load basic devices and services only. Then reboot your computer.

    Step 3

    Once you restarted the computer, go to where you saved &quot; HiJackThis &quot; and launch it. From the first window go to &quot;Open the Misc Tools Section&quot; then select
    &quot; Delete a file on reboot&quot; under
    the system tools. Here you will look for the 2 files that are the cause of it all, you guessed it! &quot;dcomcfg.eve&quot; and &quot;atmclk.exe&quot; and delete them one at a time, they are in your Local Disk in example
    I use C: for my Hard Drive, so the path is Local Drive[C:] &gt; WINDOWS &gt; system32 .

    Select one at a time, then reboot after selecting each.

    Step 4

    Go to Start &gt; Run
    and type in msconfig once again, then press Enter. Then
    select Selective Startup.

    Step 5

    Go to
    Start &gt; Run and type in cleanmgr and press Enter
    On the window that opens up , place a check on these 3 choices only.

    Temporary Internet Files, Recycling Bin, and Temporary Files

    and press OK.

    Finally reboot and that should do it! If you are having problems please reffer to the forums here, I will try to help out as much as possible. This is only for getting rid of these two files in specific, but depending on your system, different infections may be present. In those cases I would suggest downloading Ewido free trial and running the scanner to remove the rest of the infections.

    If this has helped you and you feel like donating even the smallest amount using Pay Pal, please feel free to do so by sending payment to this email address

    If, not then enjoy the freebie....

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