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Thread: Zonealarm says Ares (p2p software) is malicious.

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    aweir Guest

    Default Zonealarm says Ares (p2p software) is malicious.

    Zonealrm says ARESREGULAR190_INSTALLER.EXE is malicious but doesn't explain how.

    Ares is a filesharing program and I don't think it should be labeled as malicious. I have multiple firesharing software such as Shareza, Limewire and Kazaa and I was never alerted this way before.

    Take a look at the logs and you'll see that Zonelabs must be mistaken. How could so many users be using such a malicious program? I have yet to be convinced that it is as malicious as Zonelabs makes it out to be. Is this really a malicious program???

    Here are some of the alerts that Zonealarm gives me:

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    Default Re: Zonealarm says Ares (p2p software) is malicious.

    ALL peer-to-peer applications are potentially malicious. I do not think ZoneLabs gave the wrong rating.

    Here is a quote from andPop:
    File sharing networks can threaten your online privacy and security.

    Although many file sharing applications are free, they make money by adding "adware" into the p2p software program.

    Adware is software that works by large media companies offering shareware developers banner ads to put in their products. In return, the media companies provide the software developers a portion of the revenue generated from the banner sales.

    And when done properly, adware is considered win-win. You'll get the file sharing software download for free, and the software developer will still get income for their product.

    However, many file sharing networks also include potentially dangerous spying programs into their software programs as a way to make more money. "Spyware" is a generic term describing any software that secretly sneaks around in the back-round of your computer (usually without your permission or knowledge) gathering information and performing activities hidden to you.

    Spyware is a big risk to your online security and privacy, and can cause serious damage to your computer by exposing you to dangerous viruses, worms, malware and online hackers. Don't get me wrong, making money online is not a bad thing. However, many file sharing download programs fail to disclose critical information and lawsuit risks about the use of their sharing software programs.

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    aweir Guest

    Default I beg to differ

    Ares doesn't contain any spyware or adware. It is open source...developed by it's users.
    Please see for yourself.
    Quote from andPop:"Although many file sharing applications are free, they make money by adding "adware" into the p2p software program."
    This is not the case with Ares.

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    Default Re: I beg to differ

    Maybe the ZA just throws the Aries in that catagory as unsafe, and there is no distinguishing between a safe and unsafe P2P. Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm says Ares (P2P software) is malicious.

    It really isn't the P2P software that is Malicious,so that classification is a tad alarming,I think a better term for P2P software should be "Potentially Vulnerable" as running this type of software can leave a computer vulnerable to worms/virus/trojan,and malware,but I completely understand why ZA labels it in that manner,but for many users that term can be confusing.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm says Ares (P2P software) is malicious.

    Hit the Report abuse to Moderator link in the lower right hand corner,and explain that the software might be flagged as a False Positive,I would just have the scanner Ignore the file if you know it isn't malicious in any way,some people may want the scanner to report any such type of software as being malicious,so ZoneLabs may not change the alert,but then they may,as if what you say is true then I believe it shouldn't be labeled as Malicious either.

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