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Thread: Undetected interception of Internet Activity

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    spartacus Guest

    Default Undetected interception of Internet Activity

    Two issues, I don't surf on my machine, just emails & uploads to site. I stopped using Norton because too much was leaving the machine and nothing seemed to advise what it was. I now use another virus checker which tells me what programs are using what ports with ZAlarm Pro blocking the usual attacks.
    On the 23rd April,
    after reformating the machine, adding clean CD-basic software, then installing Zone Alarm without Norton, I downloaded all the Windows updates. I noticed that frequently the connection would stop but not need reconnecting.
    Next day on uploading to my site, one of the html pages with tables refused to reproduce correctly on my machine across the internet, instead a line was printed on the html giving a 127.000.???.??? IP address. When I pressed this it produced a .js script stating 'var blockedReferrer = 'blockedReferrer';.....' etc for a whole page of text.
    X-( Only by rewriting the html page, very simple it was!, in the basic Write program and not using tables would the page properly reproduce on my machine when I viewed it across the internet. I then cleaned the whole machine again.
    The next time, without downloading Windows updates, the html page reproduced correctly on my machine.
    From this week I've installed another well-known virus checker.

    Today, on accessing ZAlarms email to me regarding the forum.
    I pressed the verification button and the computer appeared to momentarily turn off and on (sounds like ZA has a remote control here!), or it may be just that the screen went black. :0 The Microsoft dialogue box came up, I saved the info on it (just a line of numbers) and the minidump file.
    I note that ZAlarm Pro has no way of printing the same day's internet activity which might have shown me what was going on.
    On going onto the ZAlarm site I can find no email to contact or to send the minidump to (perhaps I didn't look far enough).
    I know now from using
    a different virus checker
    that there are some things that ZAlarm does miss (but that well-known program doesn't do print-outs either).
    In case (1), can the actual physical line be hijacked & and something pinned on the back of a Windows update??
    I was in that case downloading well-known Windows updates the order of which was predictable..
    And if the email was sitting in the server for a little while, can it be interfered with, causing the weird brief loss of Windows?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Undetected interception of Internet Activity

    The script language='javascript' src=' insertion is what Zone Alarm Pro uses to provide functionality to your Privacy blocking. To get it out of your page, you'll need to turn off all your Main Privacy.

    E-mail tampering on a server is unlikely. I'd look to something else for the cause of the behavior you described. If you want, you can contact Zone Labs Technical Support .

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