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    Default Configuring Firewall

    Here's the advice I get from this online storage site for solving a problem caused by Zone Alarm Security Suite Firewall:

    configure your firewall to allow all executables of IBackup for Windows.

    1. IBackupForWindows.exe
    2. IBackground.exe/ IBWin Service.exe (depends on what component you have chosen to install)
    3. ibackup_int.exe
    4. ibackup_sch.exe
    5. ibackup_ssl_int.exe
    6. ibackup_ssl_sch.exe
    7. ibackup_ssl_prox_int.exe
    8. ibackup_ssl_prox_sch.exe

    I've looked in Help, and I've done a search here, but can't see anything that tells me how to do this in my firewall settings. I'm sure it's simple, but then, I may be simpler. Can anyone give me a primer on this?



    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Configuring Firewall

    Hi This maybe easy. Open ZA firewall> Program Control> Programs> Click Add button in lower right corner> select the required .exe's, most likely in C:\Programs\IBackup folder. Use the Open button in the Add Program viewer to open folders and to make the actual selection, and repeat until you have finished all required .exe's. Give each one the three green bars or the Super and give each one green checks under access for Trusted and Internet. You may get a request from the ZA popup saying what is asking for server rights (when the prograqm is running to the internet) or you may have to determine these on your own. Either way the Server Rights may not even be required by any of these .exe's. The server rights will only be needed if the program requires "open" ports. Take care Oldsod
    Best regards.

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