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Thread: Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

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    gwphoto Guest

    Default Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

    Mrtstub.exe is trying to execute an install on my computer. A google search tells me that it is spyware. A ZA scan and Spyware doctor scan don't find it. How do I kill this thing?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

    Download Ewido

    After the installaton, search for updates and download any available. Start your computer in safe mode , open Ewido,press scanner, complete system scan, fix anything that is found, next run a full virus scan also fix any problems you have. Restart your computer normally and run some more scans with Ewido and your virus scanner, to make sure your clean. If after the second round of scans the trojan still exist we will have to turn off system restore , go back into safe mode again going through the same procedure as before but see if this works first.

    PLEASE keep me posted on your results, Thanks.


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    gwphoto Guest

    Default Re: Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

    Thanks Mr. Fox. I ran the utility and haven't had Mrstrub rear his head again. I though ZA and Spysweeper were supposed to stop this sort of thing.

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    twohotford Guest

    Default Re: Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

    I too just had the mrtstub.exe get past my Zone Alarm Security Suite 2006. I am not very happy as I bought the program to replace Norton! The ZA was totally up to date etc...

    I too thought it was supposed to stop these types of problems????

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    imadivagirl Guest

    Default Re: Mrtstub.exe gets past ZA

    I've had mrtstub.exe attempt to run several times and have always denied it when it popped up on my ZA alerts. I did a search on it just recently and found it on the Microsoft webpage as part of a malware removal program. It appears, from reading their site, that mrtstub.exe is not itself malware if it comes from the correct place. I just removed the files that are on my system and ran themalicious softwareremoval tool from the Microsoft website without installing it.

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