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Thread: Firewall comparative tests

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    paradiddle Guest

    Default Firewall comparative tests

    I came across this thread while reading about the sad demise of BlueSecurity in general and BlueFrog in particular,
    and wonder if the implied weakness/es will be remedied.
    Does anyone know?

    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    billc Guest

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    Most of the "tests" used require that you first knowingly allow an executable to be installed to run the test. The point being that if you never allow such an installation in the first place, you'll always 'pass' the test.

    Also with your Zone Alarm Pro, you can move your Program Control to 'High' and increase your security. Personally, I find the additional alerts to be a pain, so I leave mine on 'Medium' but with Advanced Program Control enabled.

    As always, an alert users is the first and best defense against nefarious applications.

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    paradiddle Guest

    Default Re: Firewall comparative tests

    Many thanks Bill.

    With regards,


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