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Thread: Cache Cleaner serious problem.

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    ramage Guest

    Default Cache Cleaner serious problem.

    I recently upgraded to ZASS 6.1.744.001.

    The other day, my cache cleaner ran automatically for the first time. To my dismay, once it had finished, i noticed most of my shortcuts had disappeared from my desktop. Everything within the My documents folder had also vanished. I had lots of music, work etc within these. I lost a lot of stuff.

    The cache cleaner was only set to delete temp files, recyle bin and windows scandisk fragments. Am I right in saying that what happened shouldn't have? Help would me much appreaciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    zuberi Guest

    Default Re: Cache Cleaner serious problem.

    The cashe cleaner is only supposed to clean document access history, cookies and stuff from the Recycle Bin. If this was caused by the Cashe Cleaner then that is a problem, unfortunately, one I have no idea about.

    As for the lost files, you could always use any (free) Data Recovery tool
    Try [ search: data recovery]

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    robertcs Guest

    Default Re: Cache Cleaner serious problem.

    I also encountered this problem after removing a very large number of files (i.e. more than could be stored in the recycle bin).

    I am running ZoneAlarmPro ver
    I would appreciate any suggestions to
    correction to resolve this as I have had to turn off the Auto Cache cleaner option.
    Thank you..

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    Default Re: Cache Cleaner serious problem.

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