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Thread: problem of tracking cookies

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    Default problem of tracking cookies


    the link helped. successfully stopped the false warnings.

    now the problem is of intrusion of tracking cookies.
    zonealarm pro firewall and antispyware service of it is updated and active.
    cant understand how it is entering at the first place.
    after entering i am only doing detection and treatment (quarantine or deleting). is there any way out to prevent entering? not accepting third party cookies in browser settings is not practically viable for fast and smooth sailing online.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: problem of tracking cookies


    Tracking cookies are not only blocked with a firewall, but with the options in the MS Media Player and the browsers. The option to stop all third party cookies is available in all browsers.
    IE6>Tools>Internet Options> Privacy? Advanced>Override automatic cookie handling>block third party cookies.
    Or FireFox>Tools>Options>Privacy>Cookies> check for the Originating Site Only.

    yes I know BUT allow the cookies that are desireable to "allow smooth sailing". This can be done in any browser as well. It just takes some time to arrange the browsers. I use Opera instead since cookie "management" is easily done. Any third party cookie I need is kept in the cache and then I set Opera for allowing third party cokkies only from original server. This keeps the smooth sailing cookies and keeps out the unwanted third party cookies. Cookie cache is cleaned manually, I keep only the desired cookies and weed out the occasional bad cookie.

    Stop tracking cookies that originate from from the original sites? There are additional antispy applications on the market. Ewido and SpySweeper to name acouple. There is the host list approach-MVPS effort to keep out bad cookies plus malware, is recommended.

    IESPYAD is just for the IE6 to keep out bad sites (also the associated cookies)

    Some cookies are declared bad like a webtrend or msncarshonda cookie. Not really all that serious of a threat. All browsers can be easily cleaned out and the PC is ckear of cookies of all sorts.

    Glad to hear the original problem is cleared up and perhaps this new advice is worth the while to check out!
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: problem of tracking cookies

    Hello Oldsod,

    This is a "REALLY GREAT" post and in my opinion it should be moved into the Helpful Hints and Links section of this forum. Your explanation of Cookies is really "Excellent". You have a lot of "GREAT" knowledge in the computer field and you are a "GREAT ASSET" to this forum.


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    Thanks Sly.
    Best regards.

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