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    mpetva Guest

    Default urgent-please advise!

    I got this alert just now. AM LOST on how to answer itDO I ALLOW or DENY????Is this something I should be concerned about?Thank youKaren

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    rvboutin Guest

    Default Re: urgent-please advise!


    No answer but... I got pretty much the same alert everytime I start (or restart) my PC. A Norton service (NSCSRVCE.EXE) is supposed to behave strangly while trying to stop a Service or Driver (which is a Norton serviceas well :0), and sometimes I got this alert with Windows service trying to change registry key, modify or remove drivers... etc.. X-(

    Is the OS Firewall not TOO sensitive and asking permission for too many things that most of people have no idea about legitimity of action of the OS or software ???? B-)

    Any help ?

    Thanks !!


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    danee Guest

    Default Re: urgent-please advise!

    Norton seems to be your culprit but the moderators of this forum should be able to confirm.

    For some clients I have to turn the **bleep** thing off to allow them to use their particular programs - I have not figured out all the settings in NIS.

    Here are some links I found and confirms to me that Norton Internet Security is **bleep** scary.

    norton take on slowness

    this tech suggestion tells me alot about norton

    So i think it would be safe to do yes on your firewall but do a system backup first.

    thanks danny

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    rvboutin Guest

    Default Re: urgent-please advise!


    Thanks for this reply.

    What about Windows services or others services or program (such as Realtek SOUNDMAN.EXE for example) asking for right to change a registry key or modifying a driver etc... these may be legitimate in the whole bunch of action that underlye Windows process. How can you know that it is not legitimate or not ?

    Thanks for your help all !!


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    rvboutin Guest

    Default A good example of OS Firewall behaviour


    Just as an example, when startingSystem Restore, ZoneAlarm OS Firewall is detecting a suspicious behaviour from rstrui.exe to access the service: SRSERVICE.exe and modifying 2 registration key.

    It does not seem suspect to me.



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    danee Guest

    Default Re: urgent-please advise!

    Hi there,

    SOUNDMAN.EXE etc programs sound like they belong however virus and spyware programs can be decieving. Spyware and malware can be so tough to get rid of.

    Use your favourite search on the item like "SOUNDMAN.EXE and spyware"

    I found this site which has shown me past found items and analysis.

    Seriously you could go looking at all the processes all day and never really catch up.

    One way to avoid all of this is of course as you know do not open attachments you do not who it is from, virus check etc etc. All the security stuff many of the zoners here talk about. And I understand your frustration. Even when you get popups asking you to load the latest scanners etc do not do it unless you know and trust the company etc etc etc.

    One way I have isolated issues and not many people have this available to them is to test new softwares on my test machines (8 total running various os -- mostly XP sp2). That way I can see what it does and if something wierd happens I reimage that machine. OR install the os again - like I need the **bleep** practice! ha ha. So for you many inquiries use the search and keywords. For each entry you find then ok and remember you will spend awhile reading about it. Hope this helps danny

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    rvboutin Guest

    Default Re: urgent-please advise!

    Hi Dannee,Thanks again for your reply. :8}I just wonder what is the point of having a software (in this case ZoneAlarm Pro) asking me to check all the process through a net library like the one you mention in you reply, and that I use frequently.Basically, if I need to check every 10min or after every click if the action is legitimate... then I'll do nothing else excepting becoming schizophrenic and paranoid on my PC security , and won't do any work anymore, therefore I prefer to get rid off ZoneAlarm 6.5 (see my other post in "message and alert").The point for anefficientsecurity software is too avoid spyware and malware to get into a computer rather than monitoring "already existing intruders"... By the way I do filter my email, do not open unknown attachment or program, and try to avoid suspicious website, I'm I think a fairly good PC and web userbut who knows... that's the point of having an Antivirus and a firewall, isn't it ?I just think that the OS Firewall should not require my attention so often, that's too disturbing to reasonnably carry any work at all :robotmad:CheersRv

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