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Thread: Problems with Update

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    gerrie Guest

    Default Problems with Update


    After downloadinbg a new important update (I use ZA Free Firewall) I receive a message that "this version is not compatible with the Windows 98 system" that I am using (I use Windows 98SE).

    I am now rather concerned about this as my security is at risk.

    Can anyone offer me sound advice?

    Much appreciated.


    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    nowimconfused Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Update

    Hi Gerry, sorry, can't offer any advice but just wanted to say that I use Win98SE too and I've also just had the same message- must be a general problem. Any advice much appreciated.OS : WIN 98SEProduct : ZoneAlarm Free

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    nowimconfused Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Update

    Just found the answer : phrase "being left in the lurch" comes to mind ...Hope that helps.Regards

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    YES, YES it was a "VERY SAD" day when MICROSOFT decided they will STOP SUPPORT for on all WINDOWS 98, 98SE, and ME.
    In my opinion WINDOWS 98 SE was and STILL is the BEST OPERATING SYSTEM anywhere. Therefore all the other Security vendors decided to follow MICROSOFT in their decision.

    Thank you for your time and "GOOD LUCK"!


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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Update

    Since Microsoft stopped support, and in fact recenty a MAJOR security flaw was found that affects all W98/ME systems, but they can't fix it without re-architecturing the OS's, MS also suggests that all users move to 2000 or XP, which were at least built on NT technology which, while not perfect, at least had security in mind. With a hole that big there is no software in the world that can protect your 98/ME system any more. Period.


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    gerrie Guest

    Default Re: Problems with Update

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for your advice. Please pardon my late response. I have been away
    for a few days.

    I, and I suppose all users of 98SE, definately have a security problem.

    Can anyone suggest an alternative good, free firewall ?

    Thanks for your kind assistance.



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