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Thread: Do I need to put the windows firewall on ?

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    Default Do I need to put the windows firewall on ?

    bit new to all this so hope this isn't a stupid question.Just got myself a Netgear wireless router and noticed when trying to set up the security that the Windows firewall is Off. Is this because the firewal protection is covered by Zonealarm? If so now that I have a wireless router providing the broadband is the Zonealarm firewall still protecting me from possible hackers or do I need to switch on the windows firewall also ?
    Any help appreciated, cheers

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    Default Re: Do I need to put the windows firewall on ?

    Using two software firewalls on the same PC is not a good thing. This leads to errors, confusion and does not provide any extra protection. Use just the ZA since it is superior to the Windows Firewall. The ZA stealths all ports and provide excellent protection not just inbound as the Windows Firewall does , but as you have mentiioned, it does both ways of inbound/outbound.

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Do I need to put the windows firewall on ?

    Thanks for the advice

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    Default Re: Do I need to put the windows firewall on ?

    Just to add to what my colleague Oldsod said. If you run a hardware firewall (ie your router) it is your router that is visible from outside, not your PC so your ports are not visible anyway. Hence, ZA provides no extra protection against incoming threats. Your hardware firewall out performs a software firewall any day.

    The hardware firewall provides no protection against things LEAVING your PC. That's where ZA comes in by giving you a level of control over information leaving your PC without your knowledge. Note however, ZA is only as good as Windoze allows it to be and you can easily give yourself a false sense of security. Windows is full of security holes and no program can compensate for that. This means you still need to be very cautious and vigilant even if you have both hardware and software firewalls.

    Also see my post here about Open and Visible Ports:-

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