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    frank_thomas Guest

    Default ZA icone in tray


    After starting my PC the ZA icone was not visible in my tray. Does that mean that ZA is not active ? How is that possible as I think ZA always automatically starts with a system start ?


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    st_john_clark Guest

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    Hi have you tried running the prgram manually??? If you have and it doesn't work then I would uninstall wipe the remaining files from "program files" located in disk "C" in "my computer". Once this is complete wipe your cache including internet temp files and cookies.Once this is complete open your web browser and go onto the ZoneLabs hompage to re-download your software.If you have purchased Zone Alarm then makes that you have your license key ready to re-subscribe your software once installed.Your icon should displayed in your sys tray at all times so yes there is something wrong, however if you follow the above instructions everything should be restored as normal.Hope this helped

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    erk Guest

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    Did you ever get your problem resolved? I, too, could not automatically
    get the system icon to appear in the tray. If I started the app manually then the icon would appear. The way I resolved this was to place a shortcut into my windows xp sp2 start menu.
    This worked but I don't think this should be necessary, however, it seems to be an effective work around.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

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    frank_thomas Guest

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    No, I dodn't solve the problem but another update of ZASS made the problem disappear. So, I don't know about the reasons.

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