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Thread: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

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    pliang Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    Hey folkz first time posting (read the guidelines)I downloaded from here the program (zone alarm free edition) and tried installing it and it is saying google desktop has been detected and must be shut down and then when I continued it says it cannot log in to true vector service (what is true vector) and then it says cannot install....I can;t get it to install howsoever..any way I can shut it down to install zone alarmAlso I installed a copy from a friend of mine in the past and tried to run it and it had the same prob but it was in my program files....I deleted the folder as it may have seem to block my browser from displaying anything then it worked okay for a while then the issue appeared again (cannot load the browser but my msn works fine) can it be a hijack attempt???Looking forward for assistance..Thanks

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    pliang Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    btw I'm using the newest free version of zone alarm.

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    It sounds to me like when you first started to install the recently downloaded free firewall it detected the google toolbar. After you solved that problem by uninstalling the toolbar you got deeper into the installation but you were probably thwarted this time by remnants of the first installation you had attempted in the past because you did not properly remove all the programs fileswhen you deleted the program folder. These remnants of the previous installation continue to stop the new install process..

    You should manually remove all remnants of the firewall by following the instructions at the following link...

    Just skip any steps you are no longer able to do and move on to the next step. Do file deletions in sfae mode and set your folder options to allow you to see hidden and system files.

    when this is completed try to install again

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    pliang Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    Well.......................I already did those and the googledesktop items are gone but the new installations still say that cannot log into true vector device and the exe for that is still in my system 32 folder which I cannot deleted cuz it says it is in use so I went toservices and diabled it in safe mode but it still says cannot login to the true vector device...

    In this case, how do I shut it down or just delete the internet monitor?

    It keeps on blocking all internet pages my browser usually displays.

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    pliang Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    okat I already did the steps I was able to do regarding that and the monitor true vector but still cant get it to stop...should I just delete the reg keys in regedit and reinstall???

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    When you shut down the true vector in safe mode what happens when you try to delete the file vsmon.exe?

    Here are some instructions from some of the gurus/helpers here given to some one with a similar problem...

    1.What I would try now is boot into Safe Mode. Do Run --> Start and type in "devmgmt.msc" - this will open Device Manager.

    Choose View --> Show Hidden Devices

    Scroll down to Non Plug and Play Drivers and click on the + sign to expand it. Scroll down to vsdatant and double-click. On the Driver tab, change the startup type from "System" to "Disabled". Assuming it will let you do this, of course.

    Then reboot, again into Safe Mode and try to delete vsmon.exe

    If that doesn't work you can try this.......2. search the registry for :zonelabs zone labs zonealarm zone alarm true vector truevector zamailsafeInternetAlerts and delete all the keysnext step: regedt32.exesearch for LEGACY_VSDATANT and LEGACY_VSMON keysin the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE windowput the rights to "full" in the security menuthen delete the keysafter reboottry toinstall again

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    pliang Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    Okay I did the search and the first suggestion did not went thru so I went to the keys to search for the mentioned keys and deleted Vsdatand and vsmon but I also found these but they weren't listed


    zone.clientM.1 the software tab

    should I delete them as well and the vsmons exe in safe mode" I haven't checked if its still there

    also if the problem does not persist can I NOT reinstall the progra mcuz the probelm occured in the first place because of that.

    I think I will try zone alarm pro instead....

    btw how do you back up reg keys???

    looking for assistance...thanks again

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    Yes delete the two zone.client files. Once you get rid of all the old stuff you should be able to install any version you chose.The problem occurred because you never fully uninstalled your first installation. As long as you use the uninstaller program that is installed by Zonealarm to uninstall in the future this problem should not happen again.
    You can do a search in WindowsXP Help program using search term "Backup Registry" for links to the knowledgebase articles that will give you full instructions on backing up the registry.

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    pliang Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    Okay I think I got all of them but when I tried to reinstall the dll for it run could not be found so I guess somehow the utility for it run was deleted (the properties verified it as a ZA file so I deleted it)Is there a way that I can get a spare dll for it and drop it in for the program to read from it?I believe that's why vsmon still couldn;t be deleted in the first place. Looking forward for advice.......thanks again

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm Cannot Be Installed...anything else>

    The only way I know to replace missing dll files is with a fresh install. Exactly what file was missing? If your installation is partly successful but not fully a program group for Zonealarm is created in the start menu..Try doing a clean uninstall...
    Go into the start menu locate the zonelabs entry and right click on the uninstaller and select properties. Now in the target box you must add a space and then /clean to the end so that it looks something like this "C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe" /clean Now click apply and then OK. Next open ZA and turn off the load on boot option, then reboot and then run the uninstaller.
    Now re-install the latest version of Zonealarm free which can be found at the following link...

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