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Thread: Testing Internet Lock with "Shields UP!" at

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    gregwrt Guest

    Default Testing Internet Lock with "Shields UP!" at

    I regularly test my configuration with "Shields UP at and for some time now have achieved a full stealth rating, so I Have just renewed Zone Alarm for next two years!

    I was wanting to use the Automatic Internet Lock facility, using it to totally block anything when I'm not at the PC. But I wanted to find out if this might change my "Full Stealth" rating? Idealy it would be nice to test it using the "Shields UP!" test, but this is impossible since whenever the Internet Lock is engaged either manually or automatically you cannot access it!!! I did try Engaging the lock immediately after starting the test, waiting, then disengaging it and doing a page refresh. This didn't work since the test is a secure page and refused to reload as it contained "post data"!!

    As far as I can see the only way to test this would be to get to create a new way of doing the test where the test starts after a determined interval and the results are e-mailed to you? I am contacting them with this suggestion, but am not hopeful of a positive reply. It will probably not be considered important enough.

    I suppose I should just trust Zone Alarms Internet Lock not to change the "Stealth Mode" of my setup? I'd just like to test it for sure!

    Does anyone out there know a convincing reason why I should believe this?

    Regards Gregwrt

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    darrenjp Guest

    Default Re: Testing Internet Lock with "Shields UP!" at

    I may be missing your point here completely but surely with the internet lock on it matters less whether your pc is still as "stealthy" as before as there is no way any traffic can go in or out , is it not as effetive as disconnecting your modem?

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    Default Re: Testing Internet Lock with "Shields UP!" at

    If the PC is stealthed when the lock is not engaged, why would that status change because of the internet lock? Would it not be stealthed just as before?

    Best regards.

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