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Thread: ZA Free's WLAN Support

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    rautamiekka Guest

    Default ZA Free's WLAN Support

    Does ZA Free understand wireless thingys ? I mean that do it protect the PC if it is connected wirelessly ?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Yes the Zone Alarm free version will handle the WiFi transmission. yes you will be protected by the free version.

    The Zone Alarm paid version will always, by default, put the new wireless networks as "Internet" (so it is considered as untrusted) and the Zone Alarm free will always set any new wireless connection as "Trusted". So if a laptop user was to go into a hot spot (wireless available place such as school or cafe or restautany or hotel) the ZA paid would be a tad safer from the initial hookup.

    Of course the ZA free laptop user would just reset the new wireless connection to Internet (in the Zones of the ZA firewall) and it would be okay. Also of course, a home pc user would have the wireless net set as Trusted anyways.

    Best regards.

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    rautamiekka Guest

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    Thank you very much, Guru Oldsod. Had to ask this because ZA free doesn't have 'Wireless PC Protection' mark there in download pagebut now this thing is clear.

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