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    dunks Guest

    Default cannot stealth telnet

    ive always seemed to have a prob with port23 telnet as its only closed not stealthed..In firewall, have put in expert rule to block that port but to no avail..the only server access allowedin program control is: internet. exp......isafe service....outlook exp.....and windows exp....I am using dsl modemthru usbI know i am at no real risk...but its not good enuff...any ideas???

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Hi dunks
    You say you have a DSL modem. Most times this modems does NAT (Network Address Translation),so it ca happen that when running a scan test it's the modem that is scanned and not ZA.Run the ipconfig command (hit start run cmd OK)and in the command line type ipconfig.See what is your ip.If it is inside one of this ranges - - -
    means you have a private ip not reachable from the outside internet. You may do another thing;go to and run the shields up test and take note the ip that is scanned.Then procede as explain above and see the ip with ipconfig and compare with the one grc scanned.If they are different it's the modem that are scanned, if they are the same then there are no NAT and it's in fact your computer that is scanned.If this is the case in the programs list see if there is any program with internet server rights.Look for a green tick under server internet.If you find change to a question mark and run the test again.But do things step by step,that is first look for NAT and only after check the problem of internet server rights.
    Best regards

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    muffincharizard Guest

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    Like Ad-Hock said, it's probably the modem responding to the telnet requests, not your computer.

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