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    totallytingtong Guest

    Default svchost.exe

    In the ZA Program Control, the only program set to "allow" in the Server columns is the Generic Host Process (C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe), which is set to "allow" in the Trusted column and "block" in the internet column.
    I understood that no programs in the Server column should be set to "allow", so I attempted to change "allow" in the Trusted column to "ask". The following message was displayed:
    "Applying custom settings to System programs could cause serious problems with your computer including crashes and internet connectivity problems. ZA strongly recommends that you do not change these settings."
    Obviously I didn't! ... But 2 queries follow:
    1. What is svchost.exe and what makes it the exception to the rule?
    2. Does "Allow"-ing it in the Trusted Server produce any security gaps?
    I'm new to learning about computer security and know very little; but i do find it very interesting. Any knowledge imparted would be gratefully received.

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    I've allowed to do everything as it is a part of the Windows OS (including Access and Server under Program Control).Otherwise you probably get bombarded with annoying Security alert messages everytime Windows tried to do something using svchost.exe

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    totallytingtong Guest

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    thanks once again (are we the only ones on the site today - people will start talking!)

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    galal Guest

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    svchost.exe checks the services part of the registry at startup to construct a list of services.
    Multiple instances of svchost.exe can run at the same time.
    Each svchost.exe session can contain a grouping of services, therefore separate services can run which permit better control and easier debugger.
    you can give internet access safely to svchost.exe.
    No need to server rights except unless u have a home or office network.
    Best wishes

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    ad_hock Guest

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    Just one thing to add.Give it full access both trusted and internet and server rights but only in trusted zone.Deny server rights in internet zone (three green ticks and a red cross under server internet).
    Best regards

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    galal Guest

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    ok u can do as Ad Hock just said
    but if u r not running a network, u can block server rights " both trusted and internet "
    P.S : what Ad Hock said is the recommended default settings from zone labs.
    Best wishes

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    totallytingtong Guest


    Many thanks to everybody who replied. First time I've subscribed to a forum - very very useful. Thanks again.

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