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Thread: Internal IP not hidden.

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    ginzenoid Guest

    Default Internal IP not hidden.

    So I did an audit at and it came back showing that my internal IP is visible (through their Java technique) and my external IP is also normally visible. I cannot find a patch for this anywhereI have looked, or if I even need a patch is a question I am wondering.Please be aware I am just a novice

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Internal IP not hidden.

    Hi ginzenoid
    You don't need to be worried.Auditmypc as others sites use javascript to get your internal or private LAN ip.But this doesn't represent a problem of security as this ip's are not reachable from the internet side. From that side is the external ip assigned by your ISP that is visible and this last one can only be hidden using a proxy. But again even knowing
    this external ip it's not a security breach if your ports remain sthealth to unsolicitated requests.In the limit an open port is only a security risk if you have inside your computer a malware that takes profit of that and uses that open port to contact the outside or to receive from the outside.About your internal ip (you run ZA free so you cannot take profit of the privacy settins),if you disable java and javascript in your browser you'll see that they are no longer able to retreive the internal ip.I suggest you confirm this and concentrate in real security issues having the adequated security programs and practicing safe computing.
    Best regards

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    ginzenoid Guest

    Default Re: Internal IP not hidden.

    Well thank you so much, I do plan on getting ZA Pro and not being a free leach.I know I can't expect alot since its not costing, at least not yet.Thanks

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Internal IP not hidden.

    You're welcome
    ZAPro can offer more flexibility as it has other features namely the privacy (where you could turn on the blocking of java and java script,among others)and the OS firewall to alert you to attempts of installations at kernel level (normally drivers) as well as the use of other programs to achieve some purpose,for example a program X tries to use IE to get internet access(not necessarily this is always bad).I suggest you read the quick comparison chart in Zone Labs home page.
    Best regards

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    ginzenoid Guest

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    Thanks while I have you can I ask you this question also.I get high ratedfirewall alerts showing on my log, port 139Is there anyways with the free version to have some sort of knowledge which high rated log listings are ones to be concerned about

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Internal IP not hidden.

    Since those attempts are being blocked by ZA you should not be worried.I recommend in Alerts&Logs keep the alert events shown at medium (only high rated events are displayed), event loggin on and program logging at high. Most of those attempts you receive are not targetting you it's called internet background noise,but since you refer port 139 and you might also have several in port 137 you may disable netbios over TCP/IP if you don
    t need it and normally you don't .In control pannel click 'network connections and internet', then double click network connections. In the new window right click over your local area and choose properties.Keep only checked TCP/Ip (internet protocol).Highlight this last and click properties.In the new window in page main click advanced and then choose the page WINS.At the bottom check 'disable netbios over TCP/IP'.About your general question the best is analyze the logviewer and see if there are a lot of attempts belonging to the same ip.With ZA free you cannot use the smart aviser but either you upgrade to ZAPro or you downlod a program (port to process mapper) that shows all the active internet connections in your computer with processes,local ports and also the remote computer ip and port used.You have for free TCPView from sysinternals that is a good program, for example.Best regards

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