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Thread: ZA starts as the last program, is that bad?

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    Default ZA starts as the last program, is that bad?

    Up to a few month ago when I startedthe computer(s), after a few programs like screen, keyboard, and so on,ZA always started as the first, then Norton AV and then the LAN icon appeared. Nowadays after a relatively long time, first the LAN icon appears, then Norton AV and then at last ZA starts up, sometimes preceded by: Stand by ZA is starting...When I look in the system logbook one sees at the time ZA should start the entry (loosely translated from Dutch):7009 Time-out (30 sec) while waiting for connection of the TrueVector Internet Monitorimmediately followed by:7000 The TrueVector Internet Monitor could not be started because the service did not give the right answer to the start- or driver(?)instructionHas anyone ideas about what is wrong, and what I should do?I ran a lot of spyware and anti-trojan programs, but none came up with a suspicious program.Of the 3 computers I use on my small netword, 2 are affected but my laptop, wich is connected only now and then has still the old starting sequence. They all have Win XP home, ZA 6.5.731.000 andNorton AVThanks for any suggestion!Rob

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: ZA starts as the last program, is that bad?


    The TrueVector Engine (vsmon.exe) is run as a Service. look in the Services are you will also see the Norton entries as well. All services are started when the Windows is starting up. Services never start up after the Windows bootup, always with the Windows bootup. So the ZA is protecting the network connections from the very beginning, never after the network connections are established. The reason the Icon is appearing last- the icon and the GUI are performed by the zlclient.exe. The zlclient.exe does not initialize until the very last or after the Windows bootup. The GUI is not required until the desktop is completed and so it saves the PC that extra resources to showup with the bootup.

    So appearances can be deceiving, it is what is inside that counts.

    If the True Vector engine is not starting with the PC and states that it has failed to start, then the best advice is to do the " /clean" uninstall of the ZA and reinstall once again. Look in the Installation section of the forum and find the uninstall advice in the Sticky posts and from Guru SlyFox. This is the best advice to remove all traces of the ZA and ensure that the new install will be perfect.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: ZA starts as the last program, is that bad?

    A clean uninstal looks like a lot of work :-(I'm rather busy at the moment, but maybe in the weekend...Thanks for your advice. Rob

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