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    Does Avast anti virus work with zone alarm (free)

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    I have not heard of any conflictsbetween Avast and ZoneAlarm.
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    If possible, don't install Network Shield by selecting custom install and removing Network Shield. Network shield acts as a partial software firewall and may cause conflicts with ZA.

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    AVAST-free and ZA-free go very well together. One one computer I've been using that pair for many months. ZA-Pro should be ok as well, but I have no experience with pro (my primary use is of the ZA suite).At the time of installation of AVAST (when ZA-free is already resident and should be), Avast will suggest a possible incompatibility for one of their components. That suggestion applies only to ZA Pro, since ZA-free does not have that component (something about privacy, when you read AVAST FAQs). So you're good to go. The coexistence of those two is stunning. Just remember to get new AVAST definitions, so set it so for automatic update.About the only thing I didn't like about that pair, is that no matter what I do, ZA-free insists there is no virus protection, just refuses to see AVAST. But that's a cosmetic issue only.

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    Does zone alarm show up in windows security center mine says zone alarms status is unknown after I pressed no to the Avast pop up

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    It definitely should after a reboot, because security centre should detect ZA at the instance ZA is installed (ZA security suite does that on XP, and I believe free does as well). The computer I did this on is not XP. It has no Windows Security Center. It's Windows 2000/NT.I don't know what you mean by Avast popup. If ZA asked you whether to allow AVAST, then I think the answer is obvious - yes to install, yes to permit updates of malware signatures. And you need to do the updates daily but ZA should not ask anymore, once you tell it to remember your answer.Sinceon W2000 machine, ZA does not see AVAST (it says there's no virus protection and I don't care what it says), then it's likely that Windows security center would report the same thing, IF it reads what ZA says. I don't know.

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    yeah your right after a restart windows is seeing zone alarm thanks

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