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Thread: downloading programs with viruses by accident

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    Default downloading programs with viruses by accident

    I downloaded the intcodec when i was looking at a trailer for something because it said i needed it. Zone Alarm gave me the warnings but I ignored them because they do that for everything I install or download. But then it turned into SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR so i denied access but it didn't stop and it kept on installing. Almost immediately, i got all these pop ups saying that i am infected with spyware and "click here" to get rid of them. When i saw this i got rid of the message and scanned with zone alarm. It detected 3 spyware and i removed them. But every 15 minutes or so, the same pop up would return. It would also change my home page and has an icon on the task bar too! I was able to get rid of the thing that ruined my home page but it's not completely gone. I tried add/remove programs on the contral panel but it keeps saying i have to reboot first and after 2 reboots i still can't uninstall. I tried going under program files and deleting the INTcodec player but two of the things are still in the file. It says that is might be in use or it's not writable and i can't delete them. I went into Zone Alarm program control and put it under "kill" but the pop ups keep coming! Anyone know what else i can do? If i have to, i might have to reformat it and that's no fun... please help!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    Hi and welcome to the Zone Alarm Users forum!

    First download/install/update the freeware Ewido from or just do the online scan with the IE6. Then download/install/update/scan the freeware Ad-Aware from Doing both scans in the Safe Mode is recommended. Then download/install/run the CCleaner from ccleaner.

    What does the popup say? Some more info would be helpful to help us fix the problem. Is there a site shown to go to?
    These can be removed without the reformat.Just need some more info!

    This is a common malware trick. The first site is the bait or the lure- and it usually passes the pc's security applications screening. The second site gives the poison and the user will bypass the PC security alerts in belief it they are completely wrong or the human desire for the codecs are just too strong. The installation runs and silently installs a variety of malware. You are not the first user certainly not the last user to be hit by these tactics.


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