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Thread: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

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    scoopdl Guest

    Default Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    I just set up a broadband connection using a wireless router and cable modem. I am using ethernet cable connecting my modem to the wireless router and another ethernet cable from the router to my desktop pc. My laptop connects via the wireless connection. I can access the internet on both computers, without problems.I would like to share my printer (attached to desktop via usb) and files. I have read that in order to do so, I should place my local area connection in the trusted zone. This connection and the loopback adapter are the only connections listed under the zones tab. My issue is this: since my router connects me to the internet and to my laptop (wireless) through the same ethernetplug on my desktop, by placing this connection in the trusted zone, will this also place mydesktop's internet connection into the trusted zone as well? Would this pose a threat to my computer's security?Thanks for any info....

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.5

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    Hi ScoopDLYou don't take risks putting your LAN in trusted zone.To understand that you ned to understand how the router works and what is NAT (network address translation). Your LAN computers are isolated from the direct contact with the internet by your router. They have private ip's not reachable from the internet side and they contact the router internal ip. The contact with the internet is made by the external router ip, assigned by tour ISP. Simplifying what happens is, the LAN computers send requests to the internal ip of the router and the router makes a list of this requests and passes to the external ip that contact the internet. Regarding the incoming solicitations they face the external ip of the router and than the router checks if they match with the list of request he built from the LAN computers. If they match this requests are passed to the internal router ip and than distributed to the proper computers and ports. If they don't match the router simply drops the packets. This means that to reach your LAN computers it's necessary that someone succeds to connect to your router and specially in wireless you need to reinforce the router security with seveal measures where the true effective one is the use of WPA.Hope this helps and best regardsPS: I suggest you read the three articles in pdf from this link

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    scoopdl Guest

    Default Re: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    Well, I guess my question is this then: how would I be able to safely share my printer withitn my LAN?

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    Put your network in the trusted zone (something like and insure that at windows level your network is well setted up and you can share the printer among the different LAN computers. Take a look at this thread it may help you. regards

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    scoopdl Guest

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    Thank you for your help. I just want to double check before adding my NIC connection /Adapter Subnet to the tursted zone that this will not put my internet connection in the trusted zone, not allowing anyone to access my shared printer and files from the internet. I just want to make sure that my computer is as secure as possible.

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    Default Re: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    Hi Some clarification courtesy fo Wiki:

    It's a bit of a read. But will lay your fears to rest. Maybe check out the File and Printing Sharing as opposed to the actual LAN networking and LAN sharing.

    Yes it is confusing in the beginning, but these urls will help to explain some of the processes of LAN traffic and the internet traffic and the differences between them.

    BTW The File and Printing can be uninstalled, as well as the Microsoft Sharing, in the properties of the NIC.

    Best regards.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Adding LAN to Trusted Zone

    When a computer, printer, or LAN is put in the Trusted zone, the only access to them are other computers, printers, etc. in the Trusted zone. All computers are in the Internet zone without access to the Trusted zone unless you add them to the Trusted zone. Feel safe now?

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    scoopdl Guest

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    Excellent, now I understand the basics of how all of this works. Thank you for all of your help.

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