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    dferron Guest

    Default Phoning Home you pleaserespond on the comments from the above site.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Phoning Home

    Hi dfferon

    "Would you please respond on the comments from the above site."

    I suppose you are asking the Zone Labs staff? Sorry, but this is only a Zone Alarm Users Forum and not any of Zone Labs Staff are hired to answer the user's questions and problems in the posts. Just us users here.

    This issue has been discussed and rediscussed before at the time of the initial discovery of the bug in the Zone Alarm. I suppose you missed it.

    Please keep in mind that Zone Labs is a software security company and not in the business of spying on the users. Please see the Privacy Statement from Zone labs if you are in any doubt.......

    I am quite sure that you read the ELUA before installing the Zone Alarm? Just as you would have read the EULA from any software installation? What did it say about this particular issue? I will refresh the EULA statement for you. The ZA EULA says that no personal information is being collected. Only things such as programs listed in people's program list are sent to ZL 's servers and if they are part of the SpyNet community which helps ZL to quickly identify and analyse malicious programs so that appropriate advices can be posted on SmartDefence Advisor to help people decide to grant access or deny a suspicious behaviour.

    Infoworld had a researcher who discovered this particular bug. He determined that GET requests were made to ZL's update servers to check for updates to ZA, and that no personal information being leaked to ZA. He had worked with Zone Labs to fix the issue. The bug was discovered in the ZA version 6.0 and was fixed by Zone Labs in the immediately released ZA version 6.1. Zone Labs had at the same released a patch for this bug and it is still available for any user.

    A list of Zone Labs servers> assists in the functioning of various services including the AlertAdvisor, antivirus updates, and
    antivirus monitoring. helps your client keep its services up to date. manages information relating to program configuration. manages the Program Advisor functionality. helps with updates to services and client functionality. supports the "Check for Update" functionality. handles product registration.

    This bug no longer exits in the Zone Alarm. This can be verified yourself by checking with the internet's ample supply of accredited security watchdogs and antispy/antivirus/outbreaks security sites.

    Please keep in mind that the Zone Alarm firewall is to help the loss of personal information from trojans and various malware. It is here to help protect you.

    Consider instead that every site you have every visited is recorded in your providers servers- even if you have used a proxy server, that connection is still recorded. Just as the provider has a stored record of your internet habits so does the proxy server. It has a record of every visit made by it's visitors and users.

    Please note that not only the DNS servers and the destination IP are known on the internet. Every server that is in between the PC and the destination has a record as well. Any connection is well broadcasted publically to the internet.

    The Google cookie is probably the biggest threat on my PC. It does a lot more than most people know about and most PC users seem totally unaware of it's abilities. See google watch...


    My biggest fear is a trojan that would report info from my PC to who knows where. Not from my security applications such as my antitrojan or antivirus or antispy or software firewall.

    If you still have doubts, then just uninstall the ZA.

    Take care.


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    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
    Software Version:6.1
    Best regards.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Phoning Home

    LOL,people are still so worried about ZoneAlarm spying on them,when the Ultimate spy on their computer is the Windows operating system.:8}

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    Default Re: Phoning Home

    What this Fly? Are you suggesting Windows isn't secure? How dare you - Bill would be mortified!


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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Phoning Home

    LOL,Of course if you ask MS they will say their OS is secure and doesn't allow spying on users and their personal information.

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