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    Is there any way that I canrestrict access toone or more folders? I mean to deny some programs to access them? To get something like a popup window so I can select if a program can or cannot access that file or folder? Maybe there is a version of Zone Alarm that can do that?I recently found a P2P worm - very dangerous in my opinion, I don't wanna lose my work (source code and stuff) over some hacker. I was lucky to find it quickly, I don't think I lost any data, but the threat is always there...Thanks!

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    billc Guest

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    Zone Alarm is not configured to protect individual folders. What you might want to consider to to get a program that will permit you to password-protect the folders. You might want to browse around SnapFiles .

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    XP-Pro (which you use) and W2K offers disk, folder and file protection options at the user level. These are not available under W95, 98,ME or XP-home. Although you can't set which programs can access which resource, you can control which users have access to them and what read/write/execute and other priveleges each user has. You could even set up different accounts with different access priveleges depending on what the purposes of the accounts are. Programs run with the priveleges of the user under which the program was invoked and during startup, this may be with system priveleges. Hence, never use your Administrator account to do normal stuff like open e-mails or surf the net. Worms like these you speak of are more devastating if installed and run with Administrator priveleges, and indeed MAY NEED Administrator priveleges to actually get installed.

    These can be accessed under the Security tab when you bring up the properties dialogue like the one on the left. The example here shows the priveleges that I have set for a folder in which I keep electronic receipts. The only people who can access it are the users "Philip" (yours truely) and "Cheryl" (my financial controller, social controller and wife). No other users (including Administrator) have access to this folder but if I wanted I could add more users and give them limited (eg read only) access.

    For most resources you will find that "Everyone" is listed. Delete this and replace it with "Authenticated User" to ensure only people who have accounts on your computer and network (as opposed to guests) can access the folder. Be careful not to start changing access privleges for system folders (eg the "Program Files" folder). One small change could render your system unusable!

    Its beyond the scope of this forum to go into more detail but a good XP-Pro book will explain this in more detail.

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    Thanks FrereOP, this seems a very good solution :8}

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