Although I am still running a 90 day trial of McAfee Security Center, I have already purchased ZASS and will install it as soon as the McAfee free trial expires.
I only mention this in case it is important in answering my question.
I have two Windows XP Home PCs set up on a home network.
The 2 PCs are connected to a D-Link hub, and we share files between the computers.
Until yesterday, the host PC had a printer connected via a parallel port.
As of yesterday, we removed the old printer and connected a new printer directly to the network hub.
Through the printer's utility program, we have assigned the printer an IP address, subnet mask and IP gateway that allows the printer to work in our network.
The printer works fine from both PCs with the
McAfee firewall enabled.
My question is, since the printer connects directly to the network hub and is not behind the McAfee firewall, and the printer is considered a printer server, is the printer or either PC at risk from hackers?
We do not have a hardware router or hardware firewall.
I am just concerned that we are exposing ourselves by having the printer connected directly to the hub.
This is exactly the connection I want, but should I do something to close any exposure there may be?
Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite